Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cupcakes, dogs and babies please.

Sister KizKat came on over from San Di-AGO to hang out with pregnant sister Christie a.k.a Kiki Frog a.k.a keeks and to house and Hooshie sit for us while we were in Wash. And when we came home she just couldn't bring herself to part with us so she went ahead and stayed for 4 more days then had to leave for stinky ol' overrated work. But it was a great time. ANNND she is coming back tomorrow because Keeks is getting induced and gonna have her baby TOMORROW!!!!! So Mombo is in town and Kizkat is coming tomorrow and baby button is coming to the world tomorrow and we are having Christie's baby shower/birthday party on Saturday and it's gonna be so much fun and all is well in the land of OZ. I can't wait!

And we haven't bought a lawn mower yet so the grass in the backyard is prob gonna be nast and overgrown and ghetto whitetrash when peeps come over on Sat. yum.
How cute is my neph-dog Kobe? He is Hooshie's absolute BFF.

Been meaning to find this place since May. It won Cupcake wars...and its like 4 mins from my house so we obvi went and tried the cuppies.
scrumptious. But my fave part was the glitter in the frosting. Glitter always wins.

I'm feeding Pop Rocks to the dogs and Luli. They all loved them o'course. And I'm the fave. I love life with dogs and babies ;)

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  1. Kobe has been in his bed pouting and depressed since we got home... poor yittle yoys!
    Bout to be a daily occurance come October! yippee!


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