Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Happy Baby

Kimmie and I have been planning a baby shower for Christie for weeks. We LOVE our oldest sister so so much and are so so happy she gave us another niece to obsess over. That sis KizKat and I love to plan a good party. BUT we couldn't have the celebration until Kimmie AND Mombo were in town. Bad plan peeps. This ordeal is why people have baby showers months in advance. You can't makes plans around when a baby decides it wants to come outta there. ya just can't.

So we scheduled the shower for Christie's Birthday so we could have a shower AND birthday party in one. Baby was originally due dated July 19th. And the party was planned for the 16th. Then the due date was CHANGED to the 9th but baby didn't come on the due date. So an induction was planned for the 13th. But had to be pushed to the 14th. Then the induction got pushed back another day due to an overloaded hospital. So she didn't even get to go in until the 15th and baby didn't want to arrive until the 16th. This made for a very uncomft mommy and a very "unable-to-happen" party. We just wanted that baby to love on. And Christie just wanted to not be in the hospital for her birthday. But she was outta the hospital the next morning and was determined to have the party before everyone left town. So just over a day after delivering the lil cupcake we decided to make the party happen. whew doggies! Mommy gets what mommy wants. and mommy wanted a party.

So we got to have the Baby'Cakes' themed party!!!! Weeee! It was so much fun putting all of our ideas together with Kimmie. And o'course mom worked out everything we couldn't. It was perfect and the Lotts all loved it. Lots of cakes themed things. Presents. photo booth. lovie loving guests. Milk and cookies station {my fave}. wish tree. Games. And just the best way to celebrate 2 birthdays and a baby. It turned out just the way we wanted. The best first party ever for Baby Lydia...if i do say so myself ;)

Feast your eyes on the cake-ness...

Welcome the new little BabyCake to the world!

My living room all ready to roll. oh hello eggplant walls..nice to see you.

creative foods taste better for some reason...

Pan'cakes' and syrup

Babies 'n blankets

How adorb is the baby carriage made of fruits?! My moms talent on display.

The guessing game. i didn't even know crybabies were still around...

Cupcakes, rice cakes, cheesecakes, cake pops and birthday cake. Sense the theme?

Milk and Cookies station {with Albie's cookies obvi}

Baby cake pops were the favors. Hahaha. Mom said they look like alien pigs. THEY'RE BABIES OK?!

The proud aunties and the baby bops Liddy and Luli!

To see ALL of the pictures from the shower in excruciating detail you can view my facebook album riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight HERE. Just click there or HERE!

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  1. YIppeerryyy!! Loves... wish I was still there


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