Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lydia Jane

She arrived! My sweet adorable precious pleasantly pink niece joined us this past Saturday. And she is perfect. What a beautiful day in Mesa, AZ. The day Lydia Jane Lott came into the world and wrapped us all around her lil 1 inch long fing.
My first time holding Liddy. She looks so peaceful and fresh from heaven. She's only 2 or 3 hours old here...

Lucy and Lydia looking at each other for the first time. I refuse to believe that there's anything sweeter.

She was born on her mother/my sister's 30th birthday. What are the odds really? Their first daughter was born on Kimmie's birthday and their second was born on Christie's birthday. That means their next child will be a girl and will be born on my birthday. Or I will be skipped and it will be a boy born on Scottee's birthday. I am the middle of 5...I tend to get looked over... Either way I am in love with these bubbins. This little Lott family lights up my life :)

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