Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Snappin my fingers cause I feel so FREEE! I can blog freely again because I thankfully have wireless set-up. The husb and I had quite a quaint lil evening of Pand Ex for dinner, stop in at Costco for some stinky protein mix stuff and a stop at Best Buy for a new wireless router and home to watch Teen Mom {well I watched TM and he played on his IPAD} ! I didn't realize not having wireless would be so annoy. But it really truly is unbearable...for us at least. I can't spend too much time at the computer when it's plugged into the wall and I'm forced to be sitting at a chair. I'm not a chair sitter. I'm a comfort addict. I like to snuggle and slouch. For examp..my situation right this second... tucked in me bed, with me computer propped on a pillow, and a DDP on me nightstand, and me Hoosher cuddled up next to me. Heavenly haven. Christofferson will walk in the door from the gym any second and I will make him get the clothes out of the dryer so I don't even have to get up ever again and I will feel complete.

Thank you Netgear...you've made my bubble a happy place to be.


  1. LOL. i liked your little Irish tangent. "snuggled up in me bed!"

    ALSO, please PLEASE tell me you GOT THE DIP from costco?!?!?!!

  2. I am the SAME WAY with the stupid plugged in computer- I will avoid getting off the couch from my wireless at all costs!


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