Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ambie Bambi

My best Amber is here visiting ME for a week. And I am just thrilled to the brim. We gonna have the best of times...we have the whole week planned with entertaining items....'cept right now she's back at my house watching every single episode of HIMYM ever made while I work like a sucker. But AFTER we're gonna play and eat and gab and flip and take pictures. Because that's what we do. Wish us fun!


She was determinded to get Hoo to warm up to her...and she succeeded.

Cute hair alert! And her face in the other mirror. Hahahaha!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweet and terribly terrible

This made me cry. At the workplace. But I planned to tell anyone that asked that I had just yawned and it made my eyes water. Brilliant liar...I know.

The story goes as follows....A Navy Seal was tragically killed from a grenade in Afghanistan. This Navy seal was extremely close with his dog (he called his dog "son". sob) and his dog was in attendance at his funeral. In the middle of the service the dog walks up to the front and laid down right in front of the casket and let out a huge sigh. He lay at the foot of the casket the rest of the funeral. Loyal until the end. Heart wrenching.

And the picture is what seals the deal. The picture on the casket was even a pic of him with his pup. I love them both. So heart breaking. It's awful. How did he know it was him in the casket? Had to share.

Made me think of how Hooshie follows me everywhere I go...even when I'm in the bathroom he lays at the door and sticks his paws under trying to scratch to get in. I love my dog.

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 weeks ago

Continuing the updates....three weeks ago we had Kake and Brecks and KizKat and Dad-Bo's visit for Lyddie's baby blessing. We hosted a family game night and then had a luncheon at Jaspa after the babe blessing. I am obsessed with my family. Good and plenty times. Pictures please....
{Easter, KizKat(& Lyddie), Mombo, KikiFrog (&Luli), Kake, and Moi}
Nuh-huuuthing better than seeing this sexy man carrying a baby-filled car seat.
Obvi perfectly pleased my FAVORITE sister {that has black hair} came to AZ for the first time.

We live for these little buttons.

Friday, August 5, 2011

move & groove

Lots and lots of updates to be done from the past 2 weeks. First and foremost....by the sublime power of wishful thinking and shameless plugging of the perks of the state of Arizona I, Melissa Hayes, singlehandedly convinced the mothership to move to AZ. YES single-handedly. It definitely did not have anything to do with two grandkids or my sister living here or Scott's new job in the southwest region or getting out of the washington rain or great consideration and thought and prayer of what's best for the family. It was all my power of persuasion.

'Tis true. Chris, Hooshie and I moved down here last year on a whim with no immediate family nearby. Prepared the land for all the family to follow. Now... my sister's family of 4 is 12 minutes away. And LAST WEEK my Mom, Scott {her husband}, and Easter and Nepper {step-sibs} have moved to the great ol' state of Arizona. And not only that but the mothership has landed just 2 miles away from our lovely lil house Jaspa. Just a hop skip and a jump away.

This time last year I was all alone in a new land while my husb worked late. Now I have a mother a sister and nieces all within my reach. And the plans are already in motion for the next victims of my persuasion. Kimmie........Mom and Dad Hayes....we're comin for you. Muahaha!