Friday, August 26, 2011

3 weeks ago

Continuing the updates....three weeks ago we had Kake and Brecks and KizKat and Dad-Bo's visit for Lyddie's baby blessing. We hosted a family game night and then had a luncheon at Jaspa after the babe blessing. I am obsessed with my family. Good and plenty times. Pictures please....
{Easter, KizKat(& Lyddie), Mombo, KikiFrog (&Luli), Kake, and Moi}
Nuh-huuuthing better than seeing this sexy man carrying a baby-filled car seat.
Obvi perfectly pleased my FAVORITE sister {that has black hair} came to AZ for the first time.

We live for these little buttons.

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  1. aww yay for absolutely adorable families and family time!


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