Friday, August 5, 2011

move & groove

Lots and lots of updates to be done from the past 2 weeks. First and the sublime power of wishful thinking and shameless plugging of the perks of the state of Arizona I, Melissa Hayes, singlehandedly convinced the mothership to move to AZ. YES single-handedly. It definitely did not have anything to do with two grandkids or my sister living here or Scott's new job in the southwest region or getting out of the washington rain or great consideration and thought and prayer of what's best for the family. It was all my power of persuasion.

'Tis true. Chris, Hooshie and I moved down here last year on a whim with no immediate family nearby. Prepared the land for all the family to follow. Now... my sister's family of 4 is 12 minutes away. And LAST WEEK my Mom, Scott {her husband}, and Easter and Nepper {step-sibs} have moved to the great ol' state of Arizona. And not only that but the mothership has landed just 2 miles away from our lovely lil house Jaspa. Just a hop skip and a jump away.

This time last year I was all alone in a new land while my husb worked late. Now I have a mother a sister and nieces all within my reach. And the plans are already in motion for the next victims of my persuasion. Kimmie........Mom and Dad Hayes....we're comin for you. Muahaha!

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