Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's on me phone

So upon starting a blog post I realized that ALL of the pictures I have taken recently have been with my poopy Blackberry phone camera. My snazzy SLR camera just sitting on my dresser going to waste.

But then I got sup-ah excited because I realized I could steal an idea off of one of my fave blogs Leather and Lace {that chick is hilari} and do a new lil installment called "What's on my phone?". Basically I put the pics I've taken on my phone on this bloggin mug and it shows a little of what I've been doin and seein lately.

Howexcitingitsgoingtobesointerestingtoseewhatsonmyblackberry!!!! ahem...
H got his tail stuck in some weeds in our jungle of a backyard. Hahahahahaha! He had no idea what to do...just stared at me in terror. I had to crack up then take a couple pics before I unhooked it. Bad dogmom.

I've been redoing our bedroom and one crafty I did was this jewelry holder. Paint and new knobs does wonders.

Est turned 16 last week and I made her cake. She wanted an ultimate Reese's cake. So It's yellow cake with Reeses PB chunks inside, middle layer of Peanut Butter frosting, with Reeses Pieces and Reeses PB cups on Top. yum. gimme dat.

This is inside the ladies room at the comedy club in Mesa. What the red and blue?! Crazycool {90's}. Is it awkward to be snapping pics while people are in stalls going potty? Oh well.

Chris is officially an ASU student a.k.a a SunDevil. And is now obsessed with Sundevil attire. And everytime I'm at a store and see said attire....I pic message him...and ask yay or nay. It's fun. This shirt is his fave so far.

Hoo is now the son of a Sundevil. How adorb is this Handsome "sun"devil outfit?!?! LOVE.

My Boss's car. He often walks by the front door of the office just to make sure it's still there and looking pretty. Rich mo.

We have been having GORGEOUS summer Arizona sunsets. I dig 'em.

H feels really cool going on car rides with his parents. So cool that he feels the need to have one arm up on the 'sill. Now he just needs some mini sun-G's. Hahaha!

Apparently my phone is full of Hooshie moments. At least recent ones. We'll see what next week brings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Vid

The third and FINAL episode. This vid includes glorious events from a couple different days...the weekend... if you will. Dad, Lisa and Kailey drove down from Utah for Labor Day weekend so we wrapped up our week of fun with more fun peeps!!!

Friday night Kailey and Chris joined. And all day and night Saturday we had Christie's family... Dad, Lisa and Kake....Me, Chris and Amber...AND Kailey's Homecoming date and his twin bro. Let me tell ya...It was a blast and a half! Take a look-see...

Awwwwww. I loved having Amber here. Now I've 3/4's convinced her to move down here when she graduates college.

VIDEO THOUGHTS? Of course I have them.
  • Those laughs...we were "real laughing" too hard to get any fake realistic laughs out.
  • Comedy shows HATE us. We drove to Scottsdale to attend a show..and I didn't have my ID to get into the club. THEN we changed plans and were gonna go to an improv comedy show in Mesa and we seriously bought tickets and sat down for the show and they came onto the stage and said it was CANCELLED! wtf.
  • That's why we went bowling....SKITTLES bowling. The only way to bowl.
  • Why am I always doing the robot? I was also line dancing in the alley..but we didn't catch that lil specialty.
  • That dark part at the end there where you basically just see moving lights...that was Lazer tag. The guys loved it. And the girls all just screamed and ran around. Hahaha. Cracked me up.

DBacks and Big Bang!

The next night....

How cute is Amber singing with that guy playing guitar on the street in Phoenix? And how cute am I looking like a cracked out white trash alchie?! Adorable..i know.

Funniest pic of the whole week?! Well I'll tell you....that pic of the random hat guy in the piano bar holding the "WHORE" sign on his head. Bahahahahhahahaha. We had no idea why. He would randomly set it atop his noggin every once and again. Hilar.

Other thoughts: Yes I almost hit that older gentlehuman in the face when I was acting out the words to "Take me out to the ballgame". And I loved it because I knew we got it on record. Haha!

Second...Those of you who know Amber know she LOVES herself some John Mayer. Obsessed. So you saw Amb walk on stage to give the pianomen a request so nicely written on a napkin and accompanied by a dollar bill or two? Yeah...they never played it. Rude. She requested "anything by John Mayer". Can I get a lil "Gravity" up in this place?! Geez.

The final epi coming up....yeeeeeee


Just as I promised the world...Amber and I had a fab time whilst she was in my town. I mean seriously one of the tip top on the list of eventful and fun filled weeks. Our goal was to not give into the easy way out and do the same ol' same ol' of going to the chain restaurant and a movie every night. And we didn't. We successfully packed every day with enjoyable, interesting and entertaining items. Plus we always have a hilari time we had that to fall back on.

Instead of just pictures I have an AmberLynn creation to share. A.K.A videos of our adventures that she made while I was at work everyday. They're really pretty great.

I just have to defend my outerbody for a sec and say that yes I looked disgust and not "put together" most of the time because everyday I literally bum rushed home from work...changed into whatever was clean and headed out with Amb {lookin all cute and what not} so we had plenty of time to play. Stupid full time job. worth it. is the first vid....

Hahaha...Yee haw!! Explanation: I am terrified to my deepest deep core of Alligators/ when we turned the corner and saw that jumbo, hot air filled, creepily positioned Alligator of death...we both gasped and freaked. Then it was funny on a later date.

2nd Explanation:
Yes, that hooliganic adolescent in the blue shirt was making fun of the way I was jumping from tramp to tramp. But it's cool...we made friends with the lil dude and all his "much sweeter than our moves" moves.

Episode 2 will be on the next post-it...