Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just as I promised the world...Amber and I had a fab time whilst she was in my town. I mean seriously one of the tip top on the list of eventful and fun filled weeks. Our goal was to not give into the easy way out and do the same ol' same ol' of going to the chain restaurant and a movie every night. And we didn't. We successfully packed every day with enjoyable, interesting and entertaining items. Plus we always have a hilari time together...so we had that to fall back on.

Instead of just pictures I have an AmberLynn creation to share. A.K.A videos of our adventures that she made while I was at work everyday. They're really pretty great.

I just have to defend my outerbody for a sec and say that yes I looked disgust and not "put together" most of the time because everyday I literally bum rushed home from work...changed into whatever was clean and headed out with Amb {lookin all cute and what not} so we had plenty of time to play. Stupid full time job. worth it.

Anywho...here is the first vid....

Hahaha...Yee haw!! Explanation: I am terrified to my deepest deep core of Alligators/Crocidillies...so when we turned the corner and saw that jumbo, hot air filled, creepily positioned Alligator of death...we both gasped and freaked. Then it was funny on a later date.

2nd Explanation:
Yes, that hooliganic adolescent in the blue shirt was making fun of the way I was jumping from tramp to tramp. But it's cool...we made friends with the lil dude and all his "much sweeter than our moves" moves.

Episode 2 will be on the next post-it...

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