Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DBacks and Big Bang!

The next night....

How cute is Amber singing with that guy playing guitar on the street in Phoenix? And how cute am I looking like a cracked out white trash alchie?! Adorable..i know.

Funniest pic of the whole week?! Well I'll tell you....that pic of the random hat guy in the piano bar holding the "WHORE" sign on his head. Bahahahahhahahaha. We had no idea why. He would randomly set it atop his noggin every once and again. Hilar.

Other thoughts: Yes I almost hit that older gentlehuman in the face when I was acting out the words to "Take me out to the ballgame". And I loved it because I knew we got it on record. Haha!

Second...Those of you who know Amber know she LOVES herself some John Mayer. Obsessed. So you saw Amb walk on stage to give the pianomen a request so nicely written on a napkin and accompanied by a dollar bill or two? Yeah...they never played it. Rude. She requested "anything by John Mayer". Can I get a lil "Gravity" up in this place?! Geez.

The final epi coming up....yeeeeeee


  1. a couple things...
    1) for some reason I definitely thought you were Mormon... and therefor do not drink... and now Im confused... because I can't tell if you really did drink Dr. Pepper or alchy-hol...

    2) I happen to know a DBag ... I mean Dback... heheeh so I really enjoyed that video : )

  2. Hey Rissy! Yes we are both Mormon and don't drink any of the alch...but we do sometimes go to piano bars and drink Diet Coke with Limes (in this case) and hang out with drunkards then may seem drunk by association. Aren't we good actresses?! Hahaha.

    What DBACK do you know?! I call them DBAGS all the time too!!! Hahaha. And how do you know him?


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