Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Vid

The third and FINAL episode. This vid includes glorious events from a couple different days...the weekend... if you will. Dad, Lisa and Kailey drove down from Utah for Labor Day weekend so we wrapped up our week of fun with more fun peeps!!!

Friday night Kailey and Chris joined. And all day and night Saturday we had Christie's family... Dad, Lisa and Kake....Me, Chris and Amber...AND Kailey's Homecoming date and his twin bro. Let me tell ya...It was a blast and a half! Take a look-see...

Awwwwww. I loved having Amber here. Now I've 3/4's convinced her to move down here when she graduates college.

VIDEO THOUGHTS? Of course I have them.
  • Those laughs...we were "real laughing" too hard to get any fake realistic laughs out.
  • Comedy shows HATE us. We drove to Scottsdale to attend a show..and I didn't have my ID to get into the club. THEN we changed plans and were gonna go to an improv comedy show in Mesa and we seriously bought tickets and sat down for the show and they came onto the stage and said it was CANCELLED! wtf.
  • That's why we went bowling....SKITTLES bowling. The only way to bowl.
  • Why am I always doing the robot? I was also line dancing in the alley..but we didn't catch that lil specialty.
  • That dark part at the end there where you basically just see moving lights...that was Lazer tag. The guys loved it. And the girls all just screamed and ran around. Hahaha. Cracked me up.

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  1. this video thing is so cool!!! i want to do one for like everything i do.. haha music in the background and everything!


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