Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's on me phone

So upon starting a blog post I realized that ALL of the pictures I have taken recently have been with my poopy Blackberry phone camera. My snazzy SLR camera just sitting on my dresser going to waste.

But then I got sup-ah excited because I realized I could steal an idea off of one of my fave blogs Leather and Lace {that chick is hilari} and do a new lil installment called "What's on my phone?". Basically I put the pics I've taken on my phone on this bloggin mug and it shows a little of what I've been doin and seein lately.

Howexcitingitsgoingtobesointerestingtoseewhatsonmyblackberry!!!! ahem...
H got his tail stuck in some weeds in our jungle of a backyard. Hahahahahaha! He had no idea what to do...just stared at me in terror. I had to crack up then take a couple pics before I unhooked it. Bad dogmom.

I've been redoing our bedroom and one crafty I did was this jewelry holder. Paint and new knobs does wonders.

Est turned 16 last week and I made her cake. She wanted an ultimate Reese's cake. So It's yellow cake with Reeses PB chunks inside, middle layer of Peanut Butter frosting, with Reeses Pieces and Reeses PB cups on Top. yum. gimme dat.

This is inside the ladies room at the comedy club in Mesa. What the red and blue?! Crazycool {90's}. Is it awkward to be snapping pics while people are in stalls going potty? Oh well.

Chris is officially an ASU student a.k.a a SunDevil. And is now obsessed with Sundevil attire. And everytime I'm at a store and see said attire....I pic message him...and ask yay or nay. It's fun. This shirt is his fave so far.

Hoo is now the son of a Sundevil. How adorb is this Handsome "sun"devil outfit?!?! LOVE.

My Boss's car. He often walks by the front door of the office just to make sure it's still there and looking pretty. Rich mo.

We have been having GORGEOUS summer Arizona sunsets. I dig 'em.

H feels really cool going on car rides with his parents. So cool that he feels the need to have one arm up on the 'sill. Now he just needs some mini sun-G's. Hahaha!

Apparently my phone is full of Hooshie moments. At least recent ones. We'll see what next week brings.


  1. that last one makes me pee laughing hahahahahahah!!!!! i love your "what's on my phone" :)

  2. it took me forever to figure out the fork thing... Im a little slow... but seriously Chris needs to get that mug!

  3. Of course you take a lot of pics of Hoosher! He's your child!! It's like how Christie take a thousand pics of Lu and Lyd! I love this!! I might have to copy you(:


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