Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello Headboard.

Ever since moving into our house I have a serious case of you say..."being obsessed with wanting to decorate every square inch of the place but don't not having the time or resources to do it". That's a real thing. I have a very specific style when it comes to home decor. And pieces for that style are unfortunately a lil hard to come by. Plus I might be a little bit of you say...stubborn perfectionist. That's what I hear from the people that know me best :) So I end up making a lot of things so I can have exactly what I want....instead of settling for something close that's just not gonna cut it.

Our master bedroom has been my latest project and most elements in the room have fallen victim of the DIY option. And it's been tote worth it. BUT there was one project that I was putting off because I knew it'd be a biggin. The {fitforaKing} Headboard. The focal point of the room.

But I'm happy, relieved and proud to say that my crafty Queen Mom and I came together to design and create the most beautiful headboard known It was def a process but it is just the best feeling to turn something that was just a pencil sketch on a piece of raggedy paper turn into decor reality....from scratch. I love it.
The lovely hannah headboard.

The amaze fabric. Soft, textured and luxurious. Ooh la la!

Our room feels complete with the new piece.


  1. luv it......the lamps turned out cute too!

  2. That's so pretty! I am dying to make a headboard for our space! It turned out great. I wish my mom lived closer so we could do projects like that. You're lucky!

  3. You have a beautiful room! The headboard turned out great. I love catching up through your blog. :)

  4. Ummm... you may or may not need to post a DETAILED tutorial on how you made this. Our room is in need of a TOTAL make over (being that my pre-marriage furniture was all white which doesn't exactly look good in an apartment with white walls we can't paint!). Soo yeah, I need a headboard (because the one we have is tiny and gets lost behind our pillows)... and this headboard is SO CUTE! Teach me!


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