Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 Erry-thing is funny.

Sometimes I get a little delirious as a result of being overcome by the sheer joy that is laughtarity. I laugh at something simple and delicate. But it was so pleasant that I begin laughin unnecessarily after that. no one knows why. This happens to me often. An example of this insanity replays HERE. You know when your body seems to be yearning to..bust a gut...if you will. Welp...that's how I feel rye naw. Well actually right now I am just sittin in my comfs in silence just watching my sister Kiz sleeping on the couch with her face straight into a pillow and wondering how she's breathing...and if she's breathing...maybe I should check on that. Hahaha! seriously I'm worried at about a 4 on a 1-10 scale.

So anyway onto my story....so I took my pants off after work {the completely normal way} to put on comfs and just left my pants on the floor becaaaaause..umm...I have too many other ways to make my Mom proud. So I walked into the closet to put on my J. Timberlake fallopian tube sweats {of course}...couldn't find them...so I pulled on my mavsgear pants...and walked casually back into the bedroom. And right there I was stopped by a hilarious little student named Jean apparently raising her hand with a question...I can't wait for you to see it...omg I'm crackin...Jean the student...ok look.....

Bwaaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaheep! crackle cackle ha! Just stickin it to the roof. What is going on here? I literally cannot think of anything else when I look at this except that my pants are raising their hand with a very pressing question. I want to frame this and laugh at it erry-day. It's the ordinary things that just really get my goat.


  1. Too funny! I love reading your posts! They always make me laugh!

  2. Im a little P Oed that you are only concerned about me at a level 4... I could have been dead


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