Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's because I kinda love him. a lot.

My plush pickled perfect pleasant puddin puppin puppernickle is two today! Yep...the Hoosher celebrated his second birthday on this gorgeous Sabbath day. And since I love that little guy more than anything in life {besides my husband or something} we super celebrated for him....puppy style. 

After our awe-inspiring church meetings C, KizKat and I took Hooshie and his best friend Kobe to the all time best doggie park in the entire East Valley {or at least within 2 miles of my house :)} The baby boys had a fantast time meeting, chasing, sniffing, and occassionally mounting all of the other dogs and we cracked-a-gut with the entertaining sight.  Later at our weekly fam din we had an Albertson's Cookie cake {the only thing better than plain Albie's cooks} and Puppy Chow for us humans...and the dogs has sprinkled PB dog cookies and the wet dog food they usually never get. I know...I'm the nicest dog mom ever. We also got Hoo an adorb new argyle collar and bone-shaped name tag with our new phone numbers on it...and I may have almost cried just thinking about him getting lost and someone needing to use those numbs. I love my lil man and he has been the best lil blessing to our mini fam the last two years.

Bone and pawprints border...omg..obsess.
Like father like son. Wild and adorb :)

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