Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's a must!

I have forgotten a wonderful an id-jit {idiot..}! The package post. In October we got a special HALLOWEEN PACKAGE {yeeks!} from my Moth-In-Law. Let me just tell you that in the month of October the woman was insanely busy...what with her son getting married in which she had to get the whole family to Vegas, hosting an Open House for that wedding the weekend before she was moving, preparing to uproot and move the family from Wash to Cali, AND working full time {all on top of a million regular life things}....and she still managed to send us an outstanding Halloween Package to make us feel good and keep up with the tradish. What a great Mom. There's not much better than getting a big heavy package stuffed with delicious, spooky and adorab themed goods from all over the the great state...that was put together with love. "I have a delivery for the of 3".

Much appreciated. Love her!

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