Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The past 5 weeks...

I haven't blogged in twelve and a half years. And it feels really awkwardly weird. But I am so far behind that I feel like I can never ketchup {catch the food form}.  I have been waaaay...wu-hay busy in real life. The month of October was insane and deliciously entertaining. And our November plans look like our hectic schedules are gonna simmer down a bit. Which will be a nice lil takeabreath break right before the busy holiday season hits. Can I just say I really like my life as it stands? Because I do. I've got a good set-up goin and it feels good to just be currently content.

Ketchup time! Or catsup...if you prefer the off-brand. Hahahaha! What we be doin: Lots of working. Lots of parties. Lots of traveling.

My BIL (bro-in-law) got married in Vegas! We drove up for the occasion and had so much fun with the whole Hayes clan. I was a seriously great and hilarious time. And we now have a new sister in law AND our first Nephew. Love.
The Hayes kids (minus Beb) and their loves at the Las Vegas temple
The following weekend we flew up to Washington for Dan & Bri's open house in Marysville. I got to help my MIL put the whole thing together and it was a full-blown blast.
 Some of our adorable wedding decor.
My WA girls at the open house!

While we were in Washington my sis Kimmie moved from San Diego to Arizona!!!!!! Yee haw! That makes the 10th family member to move down here since we've been here. We're thrilled to have Kimmie and her doggie Kobe with us...and so is Hooshie...they're best buds.

Kiz & Kobez on Halloween
On Halloween we had a big party to celebrate the holiday(o'course) and Mombo's birthday! Costumegamesandallthemedfood = thebesttimeinlife.
The Bat family! Hahahahaha Both of my boys are just hanging their arms and not tryin to take a pic. And Chris' undies hahahahahaha!!!!!
And we are happy to report that the whole HAYES home base is currently leaving their Washington home and moving down to San Diego {or surrounding area}!!!! Every one of our family members is now within driving distance. Oh glorious day. Can't wait to visit ;)

And on to November!

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  1. Hey mel. Thats so weird...I know your new sis-in-law. When she first moved to WA we were in the singles ward together! She's really nice.


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