Friday, November 4, 2011

Penelope Pinkerton

That's Mrs. Penelope and Ms. Pinkerton to all us humans. These tennie loves are my new workout shoes. and they are screamingly sick-stremely pink! And the way that they joined my feet family was just brilliant and unuse.

So there we were {C and I} in the eye-popping shoe-lined wondrous aisles of DSW. I was happily sportin two different {but equally as sexy} black stilettos. I had one my legs propped up like a flaming flamingo so I could see how the other one looked standing on its own. and while I was checkin out my own left shoe feast I suddenly feel someone slip the sexy stilt right off of my raised foot and slip something much more clunky and comfy right on in its place. Chris seriously straight up snuck off while I was rambling and found some sneaks that he loved and just had to see me in them. Hahahaha! My first instinct was to tell him to wait one hot minute before he tries to remove a stilette from a heel loving dame...but it was just so cute how he was actually diggin the pink sneaks.

The best part is that HE loved them so much while I was all like "yeah they're coo super pink". He insisted on buying them...marched them to the front... and got them into that brown and black bag. While I followed behind dreaming bout those black beauts. So I got some new workout shoes. And I like them. And my husband loves them. And now maybe I will make it to the gym more know...since I'll have Penelope Pinkerton with me ;)

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