Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow White & Rocky

{Man's Best Friend}
I got a new phone a coup weeks ago. It's called an iPhone...have you ever heard of it? Prob not...its made by a lil teeny tiny company named after a crunchy fruit. Granny Smiths.

Husb got the black one and I got the white beaut {4S'}. Aaaand we had to name them...since we name all of our possessions. So mine is appropriately named Snow White. My niece Luli is obsessed with that Princess lately so it only seems right..since its white and snowy and beautiful and all. And Chris named his Rocky. I suggested Black Beauty...but he obvs declined. When I asked why Rocky he said {and I quote} from the Rock and Rocky Balboa.  So that explains that. Hahaha!

We love them. Best phones ever. Except when Siri gets an attitude with you when you're trying to make her do something. You work for me...gadget! dang.

Throw ya app suggestions at me yo!


  1. Ooh Congrats! My old iPhone was named Snow White.
    Ok, for apps, I have lots of suggestions:
    evernote (great for work & taking notes)
    wunderlist (awesome for to do lists and grocery lists)
    twitter is amazing
    aaaand that's all I can think of right now!

  2. what a cute blog! I'm happy I found it! and... i love my phone too. wish i wasn't so addicted to it. ha ha.


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