Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Martha, Oh Christmas.

Christmas Day 2011.
 We did everything we wanted to this Christmas season. And let me tell was just full O' joy. 

Being the nomads we are...we always spend Christmas day somewhere different. This year we stayed at home, here in AZ. It was awesome. Every member of my side of our family came to town and we had the best time just enjoying each other's company. The perk of being adults.

Christmas Eve dinner. My Mom is so good.
We had a big Christmas Eve and a mellow Christmas day. That's how we do.
My sibs. The Conner kids. All together...first time in a loooong time.
We were on opposing teams for Christmas Eve "Minute to win it" games.
Whipped Cream Christmas trees!!! Ahhhhh! hilar.
  Bless you Christmas. You're the most wonderful time of the year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be a Grinch.

Since The Grinch is the #1 best Christmas movie and maybe....let's say...#4 best overall movie of all time {according to my list} we decided to host a Green Grinch night to kick off the Christmas season.

'Twas a jolly good time. A big green veggie tray. Lots of minty desserts. Some fleecey Grinch PJ pants. A biiiiig comfy living room floor bed. Our fave Grinch-lovin guests full of holiday spirit. And, of course, The Grinch...the movie...we watched it.

 Fun for all. Merry Merry.
One of the many green food attractions. Mint chocolate chip cooks.
KizKat and I got some Grinch face hosting pants :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's chilly.

It's 46 degrees here in Gilbert, AZ at this moment. The coldest I think I've ever been in this valley of the sun. But I have no problem with it because I got to turn this bad boy on today...

{I just snapped this pic with my phone 45 seconds ago... I can't believe the clarity.  well done iphone. i love you}

... and it's literally 5 steps away from my desk. My toes can almost thaw from the flames. Almost. Plus I brilliantly brought my husb's super-soft oversized zip-up hoodie of magic to ruin my work outfit and cozy up in at my desk.

Magical hoodie + Fireplace. And I'm expected to stay awake AND work?

It's a good thing I don't have any access to hot apple cider right now...because the straining attempt I am making to stay awake and focus and keep my mind off of body pillows and snuggling and what I'm gonna buy Chris for our anniversary in a couple weeks...would be dunzo. Hello Monday. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks & Giving.

Hayes family pic. St. George. November 2011.
We traveled up to the lovely red-rocky land of St. George Utah for our Wed-thru-Sun Thanksgiving break this 2011. And what a turkish delight it was.
                                  We squoze all these funs into our trip:
  • Sweaty hat night. A tradition my friends and I started back in college where everyone has to wear sweats and a hat and you all hit up Denny's for some greasy breakfast in the mid of the night. None of us had hats with us so Kailey made us all balloon hats to rock. They were sweet. Obvi.
  • We had a fantastic and scrumptious Thanksgiving feast made by Lisa. And a sweet-as-sugar family thankful sesh.
  • We just had to partake in the crazy people madness of Pre Black Friday waiting. Straight posted up outside of Target. It was a load of fun, freezy cold and wildly entertaining... to say the least. Scored some deals...and only had to throw a few elbows...that's right...don't think I wont bust a fake cap...cutters. :)
  • And after those spicy main events..we soaked up the good company shopping, getting pedicures, seeing Breaking Dawn for the second time, had visits from old friends, a second Thanksgiving dinner with the Hayes fam {yum!}, Christmas gift exchange, family pictures, game night...etcetc
and then a long trip home...Me, Chris, Kimmie, Kobe and Hooshie and the black friday TV...all in the MavMobile...

As always..I am thankful for my family... immediate, step, in-laws, extended..and most one and only forever. ♥

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't wanna wait.

Of course I saw Breaking Dawn right when it came out on the big screen. And I loved it {the wedding scenes. the dress. holy love-plums.} BUT my fave part of the moviegoing experience was the preview section. Because of Channing and Rachel and their new movie. The Vow. The ultimate Chick Flick.  I already decided it's in my top 3 favorite movies of 2012. No matter what. Possibly ever. Chris thinks I am jumpin the gun on thata one. But I just know that on Valentine's day I am going to be watchin this romantic lovefest... that is based on true events that are sure to tug at my heart-strings...and planning my purchase of that mug the moment it hits the shelves of Target. I will die if I dont have it in my possession a.s.a.humanly.p.

Feast your eyes...and your obsession... upon this "iwannalaughandcryandfallinloveallatthesametime" trailer....

Loves. The other two best movies of 2012? Obvi one is Breaking Dawn part 2. And the other is... The first Hunger Games. Can't wait. Coming out my birth week. Happy Birthday to me. Mark my words. Word.