Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be a Grinch.

Since The Grinch is the #1 best Christmas movie and maybe....let's say...#4 best overall movie of all time {according to my list} we decided to host a Green Grinch night to kick off the Christmas season.

'Twas a jolly good time. A big green veggie tray. Lots of minty desserts. Some fleecey Grinch PJ pants. A biiiiig comfy living room floor bed. Our fave Grinch-lovin guests full of holiday spirit. And, of course, The Grinch...the movie...we watched it.

 Fun for all. Merry Merry.
One of the many green food attractions. Mint chocolate chip cooks.
KizKat and I got some Grinch face hosting pants :)

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