Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't wanna wait.

Of course I saw Breaking Dawn right when it came out on the big screen. And I loved it {the wedding scenes. the dress. holy love-plums.} BUT my fave part of the moviegoing experience was the preview section. Because of Channing and Rachel and their new movie. The Vow. The ultimate Chick Flick.  I already decided it's in my top 3 favorite movies of 2012. No matter what. Possibly ever. Chris thinks I am jumpin the gun on thata one. But I just know that on Valentine's day I am going to be watchin this romantic lovefest... that is based on true events that are sure to tug at my heart-strings...and planning my purchase of that mug the moment it hits the shelves of Target. I will die if I dont have it in my possession a.s.a.humanly.p.

Feast your eyes...and your obsession... upon this "iwannalaughandcryandfallinloveallatthesametime" trailer....

Loves. The other two best movies of 2012? Obvi one is Breaking Dawn part 2. And the other is... The first Hunger Games. Can't wait. Coming out my birth week. Happy Birthday to me. Mark my words. Word.

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  1. Okay, LOVE this post. I have NOT seen the preview for The Vow yet (even now... they blog videos as work! I'll have to check it when I get home)... but that sounds SO good and sounds like it'd be top of my list too! Also, SOOOO looking forward to the Hunger Games. Please tell me you've read the books!? I gotta read them again! And Lastly, check this blog post of mine... just fyi


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