Monday, December 5, 2011

It's chilly.

It's 46 degrees here in Gilbert, AZ at this moment. The coldest I think I've ever been in this valley of the sun. But I have no problem with it because I got to turn this bad boy on today...

{I just snapped this pic with my phone 45 seconds ago... I can't believe the clarity.  well done iphone. i love you}

... and it's literally 5 steps away from my desk. My toes can almost thaw from the flames. Almost. Plus I brilliantly brought my husb's super-soft oversized zip-up hoodie of magic to ruin my work outfit and cozy up in at my desk.

Magical hoodie + Fireplace. And I'm expected to stay awake AND work?

It's a good thing I don't have any access to hot apple cider right now...because the straining attempt I am making to stay awake and focus and keep my mind off of body pillows and snuggling and what I'm gonna buy Chris for our anniversary in a couple weeks...would be dunzo. Hello Monday. :)

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  1. how great would it be for me to come curl up in front of that fire with a good book? too awkward?


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