Friday, January 27, 2012

Jokes & what not

{I am the crazy cake maker in our fam. indubitably. & these are the contents in Kay's bday cake I am making for her arrival tonight. how many Zumba classes do you think it will take for me to work this off?}
 In other news...

I love erry-one that is willing to send a silly text to a stranger for the sake of a funny joke. These days are full of too many serious things so I much appreciate peeps that take time out for hilarity's sake. it's important to our health. I'm talkin, o'course, about the BDay joke I played on Kailey. Hahaha. yesss!

I posted this on my FB :
Hey there friends…Can you do something for me? It’s my sister Kailey’s 18th Birthday and I want to play a wee lil joke on her. Can everyone that doesn’t know her or at least whose number she doesn’t have….send Kailey a text {her phone number was here}…and say one of these things. 1. Happy glad we’re friends 2. Well slap my knee and call me Gerty…it’s your BDay! Or 3. Hap-day Birth-y haughty hedgehog! If she responds then just don’t say anything back. Tell everyone to do it. Haha! {she can’t see this. DON’T TELL HER. Please. } Thank you!
Aaahahaha...isn't that wonderful?! I love a good ol' fash phone prank. It was hilar. Just imagine her at school and her phone just starts blowin up with vibrations indicating that there were multiple texts coming in from people with area codes from all over the country. And the little sauce-pot didn't even suspect me as the culprit!! She was so confused and didn't know what to do because anytime she texted back they wouldn't give her any info. Oh random candy-coated joy moments of life! I need to rememb to ask her how many she actually got...because they were coming in all day! Thanks to those who gave of their time, texts, and funny bones. You're swell:)

The boredom of the beginning of the year is getting to me and I find myself needing a dose of laughter...hence the birthday joke. It had me bustin a gut. I'm also currently in a prank war at work involving about 5 peoples. On Monday two of us are going to make someone think they were fired. Too mean? Nah...he'll only half believe it for a 2 seconds anyway.  Plus...he started it :)

The show Four Weddings on TLC is filming at my workplace today! Imma try to sneak in and try to pass for one of the girls who is supposed to be rating the wedding...all I have to do is be a rude snatch...because that's what they always seem to be. Done!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy B-day to a 6 year old

I am in denial. My yittle bitty favorite 'tie-dye wearing, top ramen loving, always fun having' younger sister is 18 today. Eight-teen! I feel like she should be turning 6. SIX year old! Seems like just yesterday I was picking her up from elementary school with her funky teeth and pig tail braids...and walking around the grocery store making her call me mom as loud as she could so it would confuse people. Ahhh the good ol' days.

Kailey aka Kake {pronounced Cake. obvi} is the coolest. Just rad. I can't beeee-lieve she's graduating from high school this year. And starting college. Then she is going places. Big places. Whilst 17 she traveled to the sky in a hot air balloon, jumped off and bungee glided down the stratosphere and hopped on and rode an elephant...always keeping us entertained. I admire this spunky spunk-face. She is confident and hilar and caring and awesome. She is one of my best friends in the world.

I LOVE you Kailey Shell. Happy Birthday! kkhh.

{when Kay was in town for Christmas...I got to take some 18 year old pics for her. Isn't she the most gorgeous girl?}

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free February

{That's my for real calendario right there}
I just finished a week long sugar fast. And then I come into work today and there are delicious caramel infused chocolate cupcakes. So I eat one for breakfast and now I want to die of gross and I am going straight back on the friendly fast. Ew.

So...February is almost here. I think I love Feb. It is probably my least busy month in the whole calendar year. I'm definitely a huge plan-ahead-er with trips and events and other plans already penciled in on my calendar for every month of the year... but my Feb calendar page is pretty unpopular...blank with just a big fat heart on the 14th....and that's really just one night of 'lets-act-like-we're-going-to-do-something-extravagant-but-end-up-going-to-our-fave-restaurant-then-eat-chocolate-covered-strawbs-in-the-bubble-bathtub' plans.

I'm going to take advantage of this upcoming {usually boring and quiet} month and do things I want to that I don't ever do when I'm super creative decorating for my house, all of my Pinterest "to try" pins, and maybe even one of those photo challenges for this here blog.

I have seen a couple of challenges that have gone on out there that I have rather enjoyed following. I like the idea of the 30 for 30 challenge...where you choose 30 pieces of your clothing and remix them to make 30 outfits in 30 days. Then post up pics of your looks. I have also seen a 30 day picture/video project...where you take any random picture or video of your day every day for a month...then post it up with an interesting lil explanation. I haven't decided.

So if anyone reading has any opinions on which I should do...or any diff challenges that I don't know about...lemme know. Fun for me. Fun for my friends & fam & blog-world friends that read me. Thanks ya'll. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

A video.

Oop...there I am. 
Next talk show goal: be on ELLEN!!!
thank you please.

Hahahahahahha! The Michael Jackson guy is my fave. Long live MJ!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All of my HOPES and DREAMS...

...have come true!! Meet the coolest appliance on the brand spankin new Metallic Chrome Kitchenaid Mixer. A Christmas gift from my stellar moth-in-law.

I hate cooking but I LOVE love LOVE baking. Many a delicious treat will be made with this delightful new friend of mine.

Someone give me some heavy whipping cream so I can sit back & watch it whip and peak without me killing my arm :) Sweet revenge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The trip where we were spoiled and became famous.

Keeping our promise to ourselves...we went ahead and started our year of fuuu-hun. Don't matter we're only two weeks into the year...we went on a friggin trip. To extend C's birthday celebration we took off for California {San Diego/Carlsbad/LA}. Chris' parents recently moved down to SoCal so we thought it would be the perfect time to road trip on over and have a late Christmas celebration with them & check out our new "home away from home". And it was the perfect trip. Straight up.

In order to make it to Jimmy Kimmel we had to wake up at the crack cocaine of dawn and drive straight to Carlsbad to pick up Michelle then keep right on goin to Hollywood. geezlongdrive. worth it. Had a delish meal at the Hard Rock...saw Navid from 90210 walking by Hollywood Blvd...made friends with all the Jimmy Kim staff...watched a man with no arms kick a broken tv down the sidewalk for fun...charmed our way into being the front of the audience line..charmed our way into getting selected to sit in the VERY best seats in the theatre {middle front row thanks to our "good energy"}...and had just SO much fun clapping on cue and faux-laughing as loud as poss.

Before the show...while we were waiting outside and weird-people watching...the producer dudes came up to meet us...then said they were filming a bit for the show and wanted me to be a part of it. Eeeeee! I was so excite and nerve...but mostly worried I was gonna break the camera lens because we had left for the show so fast that I hadn't done my hair or makeup since 7 am...and now there was a possibility that I would be on national TV looking like a goonie. whaaaaaaa...worth it.

{me being famous. no I'm not a pregnant gremlin...
thanks for wondering}
So they showed the bit during filming and I was the very first one that popped up for my 5 seconds of fame {a bunch of others were cut out}. It was awfully awkward to see my face all giant on the screen like that with everyone watching...but I also loved it. When we watched it later that night we didn't see my part on the show but we saw the three of us sitting there in the front row clapping away like 4 whole times. Very exciting for us commoners. THEN the next day the show called me to tell me that I would be on the the monolog sometime next week {this week}! So....if anyone sees that show..toast to my 5 seconds of fame please. Thanks.

Moving on. The next day we ventured out to Old Town San Diego. Visited the Mormon Battalion. Shopped the old town shops. And ate at Cafe Coyote where a young boy attempted to coerce Chris out of finishing his cinnamon tortilla and a table of peeps thought Chris was a celeb. naturally.

{Chris and his cute Mom panning for Gold nugs
at the Battalion house. It got competitive}
Saturday we treated our taste buds to the Broken Yolk for breakfast where the Man vs. Food guy did the 12 egg omelet challenge. And there happened to be a timid young gentle there who had just ordered the challenge! So we obvi had to approach him and asked if we could take a picture of his food and he told us that he wasn't even trying to complete it...he was "just hungry". Chyea right. 

Michelle and I did some serious damage at the mall while the men got their workout on at the Camp Pendleton gym. And we spent our last evening at the beach during sunset...gorgeous...then dinner at the Corner Bakery Cafe. So idyllic.

{Michelle & Theo. My PIL}
'Twas a pretty fantastic way to start our experiences in a beautiful place with people we absolutely love and always have fun with {and showering us with gifts and things doesn't hurt either :)} 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 + 7 = Chris

It's Chupa-babeface-guineapig-love's BIRTHDAY today! I LOVE birthdays. I really love birthdays. And I love surprises. And I really REALLY love my husb's birthday...because I get to spoil my boo.

I am SO glad this guy was born 27 years ago. So glad that his parents brought him into this world when they did {even though they already had an 11 mo old when he was born. woweee!}. This guy is the best guy there ever was. The best. And the best person in my life.

This morning  we carried on our birthday tradition of breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. And tonight we have big plans of dinner at a steakhouse, an actiony movie and some manly birthday cupcakes :) topped with presents of course. Then tomorrow we take off for San Diego to carry on the Birthday Week Celebration!

I got C the most hilarious card...and filled it with the top 27 things I love about him. A few of my faves...

2. Nothing is more important than the people in your life.
6. Your laugh is completely genuine, original and recognizable.
7. You love to serve and help others...even strangers.
17. Your dancing is the #1 absolute best {and most hilar} thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!
20. You are quick to forgive.
22. Your perfect night is my perfect night.

 Happy Birthday Christopher Michael Hayes. I ♥ you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Run Champ

This is how I find them sleeping most mornings. Melt.
It's no secret that Chris is an avid sleep-talker/walker/fighter/eater..etcetc. I actually  love when there is an episode and he makes enough of a commotion to wake me up. Because it basically makes me bust a gut every time. very entertaining.

So a couple nights 3 am to be exact... I was suddenly awoken from the sound of a sports fan cheer type voice. You know the kind.  Didn't know if the TV was on or if I was dreamin or wha. So I look over and Chris suddenly pops up to sitting position and does his sort of "go team" the air... like he does when he's cheering on the Celtics....then yells {eyes closed mind you} "Home Run Champ baby!...Home Run Champ right here {and dramatically pounds his chest once for emphasis}!!". Hahahahahaha! wt-heck.

When this happens I have learned to always try to egg him on a little to see if he has snapped out of it yet or if he will respond in the "between dream and reality" state {hoping for the latter}. So I say "who are you cheering for babe?" To which he makes a sheepish confused face and slowly starts making his way back down to his pillow and just when I think I've lost him... he smiles and quietly says "I'm the Home Run Champ".

Awwwwwww. Hahahaha. My cute husb has the same dreams from when he was a wee lil lad. I absolutely love it!

Then yesterday we woke up to all 3 of our new silvery grey bathroom mats rolled up and sitting on the bathroom counter. As soon as I woke up I saw him laying them back out on the floor and I asked him what was goin on. He tells me "I'm not sure...all I know is that I had a dream last night that we got a new puppy and I was really worried about him peeing on the new rugs". HA! Glad you took care of that one :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gym story time.

So here is the sitch-ee-ation. Two nights ago KizKat and I went to our LA Fit and preeeetty much almost died twice. And by died I mean that I was possibly within shooting distance of a rampant madman serial killer psycho. or maybe he was just a steroid dealer...I can't know for sure. No one can really. All I know is that we pulled up to the gym and the parking lot was packed full of cop cars and motos. When we entered...the place was swarming with...well, people getting their fitness on...but ALSO a bunch of troopers running a muck with their puffed up bullet proof chests...walking around intimidatingly and suspiciously searching for a bonafied criminal!

Hey policemen...could you be a lil more go undercover in a pit-stained sweatsuit or I don't know that there is a criminal that works out at my gym. Thank ya.

We sloooowly made our way back to the kickboxing room and watched as they went from meathead to meathead...I meeeeean...person to person {haha. kidding. obvs.} flaunting a picture of the guy they were looking for. A printed out pic prob straight from the office computer in black and white with folds down the culprit's face. And it was prob a pic from 5 years ago and pixelized....just throwing that out there. Good luck trying to find the guy with that puny lead. but seriously. So they were searching every square inch until two guys with bandanas 'round their heads as sweatbands {ew} walk up to two of the officers...tell them something that seemed to pique their interest {we're guessing something along the lines of, "we know where the criminal is"} and the officers follow them into the men's locker room.

At that point our deathly Kickboxing Cardio class started...which is obvi the second way we almost died. That mug was ten times more intense than Zumba....ok maybe 3 times more....does it really matter? Point is... it was a near death experience. And better believe we were super sore the next day...but we still did Pilates last night...taught by a much much older gentleman who was 50 times more fit than anyone in that gym. swear.  It was very impressive.

We never saw what happened with the runaway killer/dealer and the cops. We don't even know if the cops made it out of the locker room that day. Hopefully they didn't get injected with millions of bacne {back acne}-causing steroids and stuffed into locker room lockers and left to smell the stink of stale sweaty towels until found. All we can hope for is that the next time we're on those machines sweatin to the beat...that psycho isn't next to us plotting his next attack. The mystery remains.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Years

{How funky is my facial expresh? The love of my dress and Chris' vest evens out the awk. }
The first couple dias of this new twelve months called 2012 have been egg-sellent! I had a very productive cleaning and organizing day {just call me Martha. please.}Although taking down all the Christmas decor made me die a teensy bit inside. But I'm 70% sure that I've since recovered.

Babe-bun-face and I just celebrated our THIRD wedding anniversary {on 12/27}. It was sweet soup...because we exchanged thoughtful prezzies and spent lovely quality time togeth....husband and wife.

Chris makes my life. Our like no one else's. I quite dis-like the times when I feel that we are falling into the cookie cutter version of our "typical age/stage of life" us. I may enjoy a hobby or two that a lot of other people {women} like to do...i.e. shopping, decorating, taking pictures. And Chris also likes to do a lot of things that other people {men} like to sports, fantasy sports, sports, sports...etc. Haha! But we are complete individuals. One-of-a-kinds. Even weirdies...if you will. And us together...our relationship is like no one else's. And we never want it to be like any other relationship there has ever been. ♥

Our years: Summarized...

2008 - Our Year of LOVE {Met, dated, engaged, married. All in ONE year}
2009 - Our Year of Firsts {first everything! first year of marriage, first apartment, first trip (Mexico), first move (to WA)}
2010 - Year of Adventure {Moved to AZ, got our baby puppin, bought another car, tried out different jobs, traveled about}
2011 - Year of Stability {Moved into our house, working long-term real jobs, family all moved down to us}
2012 - Year of...Fuuu-huun!! Yes..I plan fun... and that is the plan thus far.  You know...doin what we do.

Monday, January 2, 2012


HAP HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My goal for this new year is to do what I enjoy doing...and be who I want to be. Plain and simple. Enjoy...not endure.

There are a lot of good things that I am not. But I am not going to try to be something I'm not. I'm going to be a better version of what I am...and if some of those things that I'm not start to develop in me...that's just a sweet lil cherry on top.

I want to have fun and keep things exciting. No falling into ruts. Keep things going. Don't groan when the alarm goes off in the morning. Think of what I will accomplish in a day. Maybe I'll have a really good conversation with a new friend. Maybe I'll have a great workout and eat really healthy. Maybe I'll get an answer to a prayer. Maybe I'll put together a really lovely outfit. Maybe Chris and I will make progress in some of our family goals. Who knows what each day holds. Maybe one of these things will happen...maybe all will happen...and maybe none will happen. But I will try.

I'm going to try to enjoy what I do, be friendly, develop specific talents, take trips and have new experiences with my love {bucket list!}, stay in contact with old friends and distant relatives, kick debt out of my life, plan & host parties, celebrate every holiday to the fullest, make others feel special.

Right now I am a wife. A full time Merchandising Coordinator. An involved aunt, sister and daughter. Pretty reserved around strangers. Pretty outgoing and crazy around familiars. I obsess over my doggie. I work out sporadically. I spend money on house decorations & clothes. I feel good when I go to the temple. I love to bake and hate to cook.  I'm a little creative. A lot impatient.  & that's me going into twenty twelve...

We'll see what I am next year. Happy new one!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

We got in a fight.

My little sister Kailey and I. It was a big, huge, messy fight. The kind that just really gets you going and no one else wants to get involved. The kind that..after it both can't help but run around the kitchen chasing each other... pulling hair & screaming at each other. Very unexpected...for us to fight on Christmas Eve like that.... was the most delicious fight I've ever been a part of...

The dogs didn't mind cleaning up after us. Happy helpers.