Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 + 7 = Chris

It's Chupa-babeface-guineapig-love's BIRTHDAY today! I LOVE birthdays. I really love birthdays. And I love surprises. And I really REALLY love my husb's birthday...because I get to spoil my boo.

I am SO glad this guy was born 27 years ago. So glad that his parents brought him into this world when they did {even though they already had an 11 mo old when he was born. woweee!}. This guy is the best guy there ever was. The best. And the best person in my life.

This morning  we carried on our birthday tradition of breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. And tonight we have big plans of dinner at a steakhouse, an actiony movie and some manly birthday cupcakes :) topped with presents of course. Then tomorrow we take off for San Diego to carry on the Birthday Week Celebration!

I got C the most hilarious card...and filled it with the top 27 things I love about him. A few of my faves...

2. Nothing is more important than the people in your life.
6. Your laugh is completely genuine, original and recognizable.
7. You love to serve and help others...even strangers.
17. Your dancing is the #1 absolute best {and most hilar} thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!
20. You are quick to forgive.
22. Your perfect night is my perfect night.

 Happy Birthday Christopher Michael Hayes. I ♥ you.

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