Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All of my HOPES and DREAMS...

...have come true!! Meet the coolest appliance on the brand spankin new Metallic Chrome Kitchenaid Mixer. A Christmas gift from my stellar moth-in-law.

I hate cooking but I LOVE love LOVE baking. Many a delicious treat will be made with this delightful new friend of mine.

Someone give me some heavy whipping cream so I can sit back & watch it whip and peak without me killing my arm :) Sweet revenge.


  1. i've always wanted one of these. i fear i will never get one.

    (sad face).

  2. I just discovered your blog- hooray! You're real funny and your blog is fabulous.

  3. oh my gosh girl you will love this machine!! and you are a girl after my own heart i love love baking but don't like cooking nearly as much. if i could bake and not gain a pound i would never cook in my life again

  4. I am so with you- I hate cooking but could bake everyday! I love my Kitchenaid!


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