Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gym story time.

So here is the sitch-ee-ation. Two nights ago KizKat and I went to our LA Fit and preeeetty much almost died twice. And by died I mean that I was possibly within shooting distance of a rampant madman serial killer psycho. or maybe he was just a steroid dealer...I can't know for sure. No one can really. All I know is that we pulled up to the gym and the parking lot was packed full of cop cars and motos. When we entered...the place was swarming with...well, people getting their fitness on...but ALSO a bunch of troopers running a muck with their puffed up bullet proof chests...walking around intimidatingly and suspiciously searching for a bonafied criminal!

Hey policemen...could you be a lil more go undercover in a pit-stained sweatsuit or I don't know that there is a criminal that works out at my gym. Thank ya.

We sloooowly made our way back to the kickboxing room and watched as they went from meathead to meathead...I meeeeean...person to person {haha. kidding. obvs.} flaunting a picture of the guy they were looking for. A printed out pic prob straight from the office computer in black and white with folds down the culprit's face. And it was prob a pic from 5 years ago and pixelized....just throwing that out there. Good luck trying to find the guy with that puny lead. but seriously. So they were searching every square inch until two guys with bandanas 'round their heads as sweatbands {ew} walk up to two of the officers...tell them something that seemed to pique their interest {we're guessing something along the lines of, "we know where the criminal is"} and the officers follow them into the men's locker room.

At that point our deathly Kickboxing Cardio class started...which is obvi the second way we almost died. That mug was ten times more intense than Zumba....ok maybe 3 times more....does it really matter? Point is... it was a near death experience. And better believe we were super sore the next day...but we still did Pilates last night...taught by a much much older gentleman who was 50 times more fit than anyone in that gym. swear.  It was very impressive.

We never saw what happened with the runaway killer/dealer and the cops. We don't even know if the cops made it out of the locker room that day. Hopefully they didn't get injected with millions of bacne {back acne}-causing steroids and stuffed into locker room lockers and left to smell the stink of stale sweaty towels until found. All we can hope for is that the next time we're on those machines sweatin to the beat...that psycho isn't next to us plotting his next attack. The mystery remains.

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