Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Run Champ

This is how I find them sleeping most mornings. Melt.
It's no secret that Chris is an avid sleep-talker/walker/fighter/eater..etcetc. I actually  love when there is an episode and he makes enough of a commotion to wake me up. Because it basically makes me bust a gut every time. very entertaining.

So a couple nights 3 am to be exact... I was suddenly awoken from the sound of a sports fan cheer type voice. You know the kind.  Didn't know if the TV was on or if I was dreamin or wha. So I look over and Chris suddenly pops up to sitting position and does his sort of "go team" the air... like he does when he's cheering on the Celtics....then yells {eyes closed mind you} "Home Run Champ baby!...Home Run Champ right here {and dramatically pounds his chest once for emphasis}!!". Hahahahahaha! wt-heck.

When this happens I have learned to always try to egg him on a little to see if he has snapped out of it yet or if he will respond in the "between dream and reality" state {hoping for the latter}. So I say "who are you cheering for babe?" To which he makes a sheepish confused face and slowly starts making his way back down to his pillow and just when I think I've lost him... he smiles and quietly says "I'm the Home Run Champ".

Awwwwwww. Hahahaha. My cute husb has the same dreams from when he was a wee lil lad. I absolutely love it!

Then yesterday we woke up to all 3 of our new silvery grey bathroom mats rolled up and sitting on the bathroom counter. As soon as I woke up I saw him laying them back out on the floor and I asked him what was goin on. He tells me "I'm not sure...all I know is that I had a dream last night that we got a new puppy and I was really worried about him peeing on the new rugs". HA! Glad you took care of that one :)


  1. I just LOVE this post! Eric talks in his sleep on occasion (very rare and YES I def look forward to it happening). One time when I was preg with Reagan i woke up to him saying "bow chick a bow wow!" Not sure if he was dreaming about me at that moment!!

  2. Hahaha I kinda wish my husband did this just for the laughs!


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