Friday, January 27, 2012

Jokes & what not

{I am the crazy cake maker in our fam. indubitably. & these are the contents in Kay's bday cake I am making for her arrival tonight. how many Zumba classes do you think it will take for me to work this off?}
 In other news...

I love erry-one that is willing to send a silly text to a stranger for the sake of a funny joke. These days are full of too many serious things so I much appreciate peeps that take time out for hilarity's sake. it's important to our health. I'm talkin, o'course, about the BDay joke I played on Kailey. Hahaha. yesss!

I posted this on my FB :
Hey there friends…Can you do something for me? It’s my sister Kailey’s 18th Birthday and I want to play a wee lil joke on her. Can everyone that doesn’t know her or at least whose number she doesn’t have….send Kailey a text {her phone number was here}…and say one of these things. 1. Happy glad we’re friends 2. Well slap my knee and call me Gerty…it’s your BDay! Or 3. Hap-day Birth-y haughty hedgehog! If she responds then just don’t say anything back. Tell everyone to do it. Haha! {she can’t see this. DON’T TELL HER. Please. } Thank you!
Aaahahaha...isn't that wonderful?! I love a good ol' fash phone prank. It was hilar. Just imagine her at school and her phone just starts blowin up with vibrations indicating that there were multiple texts coming in from people with area codes from all over the country. And the little sauce-pot didn't even suspect me as the culprit!! She was so confused and didn't know what to do because anytime she texted back they wouldn't give her any info. Oh random candy-coated joy moments of life! I need to rememb to ask her how many she actually got...because they were coming in all day! Thanks to those who gave of their time, texts, and funny bones. You're swell:)

The boredom of the beginning of the year is getting to me and I find myself needing a dose of laughter...hence the birthday joke. It had me bustin a gut. I'm also currently in a prank war at work involving about 5 peoples. On Monday two of us are going to make someone think they were fired. Too mean? Nah...he'll only half believe it for a 2 seconds anyway.  Plus...he started it :)

The show Four Weddings on TLC is filming at my workplace today! Imma try to sneak in and try to pass for one of the girls who is supposed to be rating the wedding...all I have to do is be a rude snatch...because that's what they always seem to be. Done!

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