Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Years

{How funky is my facial expresh? The love of my dress and Chris' vest evens out the awk. }
The first couple dias of this new twelve months called 2012 have been egg-sellent! I had a very productive cleaning and organizing day {just call me Martha. please.}Although taking down all the Christmas decor made me die a teensy bit inside. But I'm 70% sure that I've since recovered.

Babe-bun-face and I just celebrated our THIRD wedding anniversary {on 12/27}. It was sweet soup...because we exchanged thoughtful prezzies and spent lovely quality time togeth....husband and wife.

Chris makes my life. Our life....is like no one else's. I quite dis-like the times when I feel that we are falling into the cookie cutter version of our "typical age/stage of life" us. I may enjoy a hobby or two that a lot of other people {women} like to do...i.e. shopping, decorating, taking pictures. And Chris also likes to do a lot of things that other people {men} like to do....play sports, fantasy sports, sports, sports...etc. Haha! But we are complete individuals. One-of-a-kinds. Even weirdies...if you will. And us together...our relationship is like no one else's. And we never want it to be like any other relationship there has ever been. ♥

Our years: Summarized...

2008 - Our Year of LOVE {Met, dated, engaged, married. All in ONE year}
2009 - Our Year of Firsts {first everything! first year of marriage, first apartment, first trip (Mexico), first move (to WA)}
2010 - Year of Adventure {Moved to AZ, got our baby puppin, bought another car, tried out different jobs, traveled about}
2011 - Year of Stability {Moved into our house, working long-term real jobs, family all moved down to us}
2012 - Year of...Fuuu-huun!! Yes..I plan fun... and that is the plan thus far.  You know...doin what we do.


  1. Congrats on your 3 years of being married! You guys are so cute :)

  2. wow met, loved, engaged and married in a year, talk about a whirlwind! and love the years after, congrats on your 3rd anniversary and wishing you many many more happy years together


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