Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The trip where we were spoiled and became famous.

Keeping our promise to ourselves...we went ahead and started our year of fuuu-hun. Don't matter we're only two weeks into the year...we went on a friggin trip. To extend C's birthday celebration we took off for California {San Diego/Carlsbad/LA}. Chris' parents recently moved down to SoCal so we thought it would be the perfect time to road trip on over and have a late Christmas celebration with them & check out our new "home away from home". And it was the perfect trip. Straight up.

In order to make it to Jimmy Kimmel we had to wake up at the crack cocaine of dawn and drive straight to Carlsbad to pick up Michelle then keep right on goin to Hollywood. geezlongdrive. worth it. Had a delish meal at the Hard Rock...saw Navid from 90210 walking by Hollywood Blvd...made friends with all the Jimmy Kim staff...watched a man with no arms kick a broken tv down the sidewalk for fun...charmed our way into being the front of the audience line..charmed our way into getting selected to sit in the VERY best seats in the theatre {middle front row thanks to our "good energy"}...and had just SO much fun clapping on cue and faux-laughing as loud as poss.

Before the show...while we were waiting outside and weird-people watching...the producer dudes came up to meet us...then said they were filming a bit for the show and wanted me to be a part of it. Eeeeee! I was so excite and nerve...but mostly worried I was gonna break the camera lens because we had left for the show so fast that I hadn't done my hair or makeup since 7 am...and now there was a possibility that I would be on national TV looking like a goonie. whaaaaaaa...worth it.

{me being famous. no I'm not a pregnant gremlin...
thanks for wondering}
So they showed the bit during filming and I was the very first one that popped up for my 5 seconds of fame {a bunch of others were cut out}. It was awfully awkward to see my face all giant on the screen like that with everyone watching...but I also loved it. When we watched it later that night we didn't see my part on the show but we saw the three of us sitting there in the front row clapping away like 4 whole times. Very exciting for us commoners. THEN the next day the show called me to tell me that I would be on the show...in the monolog sometime next week {this week}! So....if anyone sees that show..toast to my 5 seconds of fame please. Thanks.

Moving on. The next day we ventured out to Old Town San Diego. Visited the Mormon Battalion. Shopped the old town shops. And ate at Cafe Coyote where a young boy attempted to coerce Chris out of finishing his cinnamon tortilla and a table of peeps thought Chris was a celeb. naturally.

{Chris and his cute Mom panning for Gold nugs
at the Battalion house. It got competitive}
Saturday we treated our taste buds to the Broken Yolk for breakfast where the Man vs. Food guy did the 12 egg omelet challenge. And there happened to be a timid young gentle there who had just ordered the challenge! So we obvi had to approach him and asked if we could take a picture of his food and he told us that he wasn't even trying to complete it...he was "just hungry". Chyea right. 

Michelle and I did some serious damage at the mall while the men got their workout on at the Camp Pendleton gym. And we spent our last evening at the beach during sunset...gorgeous...then dinner at the Corner Bakery Cafe. So idyllic.

{Michelle & Theo. My PIL}
'Twas a pretty fantastic way to start our year...new experiences in a beautiful place with people we absolutely love and always have fun with {and showering us with gifts and things doesn't hurt either :)} 10 out of 10.

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