Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump AND Leap Day Diddies

{one} Last night on the way home from a successful Costco trip {mmm dark choco. covered Acai berries} I saw a shooting star. At first I thought it was the beginning stages of a plane falling from the star-filled sky. But then it just vanished into vapor. I tried to point it out for Chris to see it but the time had passed. His reaction: Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Where is it? I can’t see it!! Oh maaaaaan. I missed it {lower lip pops out}. Hahahaha! I didn’t know it was the biggest deal ever…you would’ve thought I had just witnessed the balloon boy flying overhead {remember him?}. No worries…it was made better when I let him use up the one wish I earned for spoting it. That mug-of-a-wish better come true.

{two} We painted the dining portion of our kitchen blue. A navy blue…if ya will. It is striking and glorious. And I have some splendid before and after pictures to post later this week. Gotta get some curtains up there first. Who doesn’t love a nice before and after sesh? Every time I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition my tear ducts almost can’t handle the suspense built from the before. Ha.

{three} I found the world’s dumbest human! Hooray! I’ve been looking for you…you little bugger. Well I don’t know precisely who this dense person is, BUT I am 100% positive that it is the person who planned my little sister's high school graduation. Her graduation…into adulthood... is on a Tuesday. wt-heck? Did I mention she lives in another state and we all have to travel to be there? As do many other relatives of other graduates that want to be at the momentous event. So…let’s make it no where close to a weekend so people have to miss work and only get to come into town for one day. Bright idea dumbest person in the world. Bright.

{four} The Bachelor. Yee! Chris and I are in the “theyaren’tgoingtostaytogetheranyway’ finals. I obvi want my pick ,Lindzi, to win. But to be honest…I think Lindzi is way too cute and has way too much personality for Ben. He and Courtney kind of belong together…to live in rudeness and awkwardness. Can’t wait for the “women tell all” episode.

{five} For date night this past weekend we wanted to go to Olive Garden. Breadsticks-heaven-in-my-mouth. So we dressed "date nice" and went on over. But there was an hour wait so we weighed all of our restaurant options…and then opted to dine-in at Chick-fil-a instead. Ha! There's just no fighting it...that's who we really are. We like what we like and we like it.

Happy Leap Day! A whole extra day to flit and frolic and cheat on our diets :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'Twas extremely windy yesterday. 'Twas all up in my hair and my eyes and my clothes and my necklace & what not. So naturally the 
'stay put' features of the bun appealed to me. 

But Bun Bun did not complete her job duties. Exhibit A in that bottom picture down there. Haha! That piece stickin straight out to the left. Just awesome and ridiculous. 

I don’t feel funny today. I don’t think I’ve even laughed yet {aside from that Haha I typed up there} and it’s already 8:47. Which is not norm for me. I have a lot of thoughts in my brain. Far too many to actually be any kind of productive. I’m known to be able to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling for hours if I have enough on my mind. Of course, my husb and doggie never allow me to do that with their apparent allergic reaction to boredom…{which I def appreciate}

My brother and I have that thinking thing in common. He’s 21 and a total car racing, adrenaline junkie, music addict. But he’s also the deepest thinker I’ve ever known in life. My Dad used to have a 6 foot salt water fish tank filled with all kinds of crazy sea life. And at any given time during the day you could bet on finding Scottee sitting on a chair he pulled up from the kitchen, directly in front of the tank, just staring at the fish tank happenings and thinking. In silence. About who knows what. {ha! ok that image made me laugh...}

I miss Scottee. And I don’t know where he is. And I miss him. 

{I refuse to believe this was two years ago.}

Monday, February 27, 2012

The best accessory.

I had a top notch weekend. Thanks for asking. Monday is here too soon…as per use. But my maybe-not-gonna-happen plan this week is to have a good attitude AND eat healthy . all week. Sooo cheers to that. 

OK. So. I had two great accessories to go with this outfit. That yummy summery orange clutch up there. Or my adorabial dog, Hooshie.  I wanted both but I couldn’t hold them both at once. Quite a pickle.  So I did one of each and decided to have Hooshie in another neutral colors day outfit post. When he’s feelin fly. 

So hows about those Oscars, eh? I actually thought it was pretty good this year. It’s always my worst award show but I feel obligated to watch every year because of all the beautiful people. I don’t get it…my head just tells me I need to. It’s actually not so bad when you just fast forward through all the awards given that you have no idea who any of the people nominated are. I’ve got a lead thumb when it comes to the fast forward button. It just makes smart sense. 

Top of my best dressed list holds Cameron Diaz {!} , Gwyneth Paltrow, Octavia Spencer {workin what she’s got!}, and Giuliana Rancic {just an interviewer but I was so obsessed with her look}. And Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids, I thought, had a beautiful head of hair and face. 

I was disappointed in Angelina. You know...Angie? Yeah she had a long sexy spider leg showing but she wears black 70% of the time and I feel like she is so beautiful that she could pull off the risky pieces so much better than other people. So…live a little Ange. {ha! we’re friends.}

Also, The Dictator with the ashes...Why? He’s a child. 

Have a good one peeps! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012


That pretty little bow on that pretty lil  "Express box sale" attached to the shirt. A lot of peoples didn't get that when I wore it to work yesterday. I got a lot of "sooo is that like a necklace or a tie?" and "you look like a present". To which I would reply "neither" or "thanks. so do you". Then they walk away to n'er return again. I guess some people just don't get attached bow shirts. too bad so sad.

So yesterday turned out to be one of those days. The kind where you're swamped at work and you end up skipping the gym to make M&M cookie dough and watching recorded Ellen Shows instead. And to top it off you start choking on your {delish}cookies and milk and get mad at your husband for slapping your back too hard when he is trying to save your life. So that's just me then? man alive. Well it all turned around when we decided we needed to go to bed muy early and husb even turned off ESPN before we climbed into bed so we could scoop up the little Hoo and the three of us could snug up to fall into a delightful treep. Definitely needed.

Todaaaaaay starts the weekend! I love when that happens. It should be pretty pleasant. Shopping, steak dinner, home decor, dessert with some friends, and a restful Sunday of church and then the Oscars.

Please send me good wishful vibes to make it as long as possible :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day Diddies. Once Again.

{one} I had to have my blood taken out of my arm yesterday. Now…If I ever hear the phrase “plump vein” again…I will pass out. I promise you. PLUMP. VEIN. What awful words to be paired togeth in this English language…

{two} Starting in the glorious month of March I have at least one trip planned every month until August. Wowza! I feel like…perhaphs… this might call for some cute new luggage?

{three} Yesterday my coworker straight told me I’m “one of the weirdest girls he’s ever met”.  This compliment came about after a discussion on the food I like to eat and my biggest pet peeves. Hahaha. Accepted.

{four} After all those questionable years of watching what seemed like nothing but reality shows {was there anything else even on?}  I recently noticed that my current weekly DV-R list includes almost all {hilar} sit-coms. How I met your mother, Up All Night, Modern Family, Happy Endings... Although the couple of reality shows I do record should be considered comedy’s…because I just laugh and make fun of the peeps in them the whole time anyway. Ha.

{five} I daydreamingly just made plans for Chris and myself for after work today. They include a long walk with our doggie then weeding the front yard whilst sipping on some cranberry juice w/crushed ice. Thrilling I know. Yes, we are 95 years old. But right now…it sounds like heaven and I cannot wait.

Merry hump day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color Blocks

I am an Extraterrestrial. Boo!
Yesterday was a holiday. The best kind of holiday because it's the kind that lets me get the day off work! I planned the best doo-da day for my monday. Took the doggies for a walk, met C for lunch, got tons of things crossed off my to-do list and spent the rest of the time shopping with the Sist! Yee yes please.

We had just come off a fresh & successful trip to TJ Maxx Homegoods...and we were making our way to Supe Targ {obvi}...when a young metal-lipped energy drinkin hooligan put a wrench in our plans. He hit us. Rear ended my precious alabaster auto, Mystique. It was scary and I had no where to pull over and I went into shock for a little minute. But it was all good. No injuries and no signs of wreckage on the cars. how hard the hit felt. Coulda sworn a rolling boulder had found it's way into my lane. But it was just a ghetto mustang with a noodles for brains driver...probably texting like they do.

So we went ahead and continued on with our shop spree. Along with the things on my buy list I just had to add some white chocolate M&Ms and an adorb white decorative calm my pain and suffering from the rear ending.

We ended the day with chicken tacos topped with HOMEMADE Chick-fil-a sauce.!! SO scrumptious. Thank you presidents...I like your day. 

PS. Final 3 on Bachelor.  2 are my picks and 1 is Chris'. Pressure is on.

Friday, February 17, 2012

love love love love love love love love

That up there is pretty much what our dia de lovefest looked like. A pink explosion of all kinds of jubilant sorts. Thoughtful gifts from some of our loved ones {yes, those are girl scout cookies!}, our annual VDay themed package from my MIL {below} and an extreme overload of sugar all up in our faces. Chris sent me flowers & chocolates at work, {K, C & I} doorbell ditched our neighbors with brownie bottom cupcakes and at night we went out on the town for a sizzlin’ vday date. 

Not pictured: Guinea {haha} and I went to a cute lil Italian restaurant called Tutti Santi for din and then stayed true to our tradition of searching for the best milkshake ever {by trying a new place each VDay} and got the Cookies 'n Cream shake from Udder Delights. 2 lovers…1 straw.  We exchanged sweet/awesome gifts and belted out “I’ll Be” on our perfectly short car ride home. Awwww…cheese heads. I do love that guy more than anything. And  i was a happy Valentine :)

The traditional 'package pic'. I swear they get better and better....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Many many pictures of my face...

I'm only on day 4 of my outfit adventure and I am already getting sick of looking at myself. Maybe I should be posting pictures of my husb because he is obvi a sight for sore eyes any day of the bloomin week. I love my slouchy, loose flap-butt pocket jeans. I got these mugs for $10.80 at Kohls! And I had $10 Kohls they were practically free as bees. I love that place. We go there to shop amongst all the elderly couples and browse the Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang racks. You can't lose really.

This week has been a really really great gift week. Really. Gifts flying around all over the place. Even after all the Valentine's Day thoughtfuls {mental note:still need to post about that for mems} my mombo just shows up at my house with four amaze new shirts! just because. She definitely knows my love languages. It's like she likes me or something. Two of those shirts popped in & replaced two others in my 30. So....we'll be seeing ya soon new toppies!

C'mmoooooooon Friday. hurry up. plz.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day Diddies

      {one} This shirt. I larve(♥) it! It will def be making an appearance in many forms during my 30 for 30 but I decided to first wear it in the most natural of forms. Simple and manly. That paired with the hat...I kinda feel like a mix of a pirate wench and a polka dot peter pan. I can't explain...I just like it.

    {two} I hit myself right in the forehead with my blow dry apparatus this morning. I felt smart. And I have a pretty red mark to show for it. 

    {three} My lil sister-in-law got engaged last night! VERY excited for the adorb-hilar-fun-lovie couple that we love so much....and for a Summer San Diego wedding. Naturally, i'm into the engagement/wedding details and Chris is into the transition of changing his college football team fanship...since our soon to be bro-in-law plays for's necessary.

{four} The other night in the grocery store, my sister and I picked up some Grands flaky rolls. You know, the kind in the tube that you have to peel and then hit against the counter to pop open and scare yourself half to pee. Well these particular flaky buggars didn't want to wait for that kitch counter. They decided to just up and explode open while on the check out belt. Shot straight up into the air with a loud pop. Causing everyone in the area to fake a duck and cover {maybe just me?}. The teen bagger thought it was the "tightest" thing he had every witnessed. Haha. Grocery store hilarity.

{five}  I'm in a sugar coma. And it's hump day. Both make me very treepy. Crunching sonic ice and taking a lil slumber is the only cure. Seems i've just made my lunch plans :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Give me some pink & purple sugar!

Happy Day of Love! This morning I woke Chris up to some pink sprinkled donuts{fave}, strawberry milk and a promise for some sa-weet gifts tonight. Now at work I plan to be blaring lovie love songs {compliments of Whitney} and admiring my gorge pink and red flowers. It is officially Valentine's Day & unofficially least here in Arizona. It's abso-lutso gorgeous. About 75 degrees every day and just perf. I'm in love...with my husb and the weather.

Now let's all get hopped up on some shhhhhuga! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Kids & Marky Mark

Here is my outfit. I feel like it's the first day of school and judging by my face...I am not muy thrilled about it. Yep...sounds about right :)

So last Friday Mark Wahlburg's 2 assistants came to my company's office. They had a meeting with our dealer sales to set up an account for window coverings for his production company etcetcetc. So one of them was a 2legit 'letsgetthisstuffdone' type of assistant and the other was the questionable type that celebrities have in their posse their weird friend...or keep them entertained. idk. He goes by psycho...let's just say that.

So I didn't know they were there or who they were or whatev. But I get back from lunch and Psycho walks up to my desk to start a nice lil convo with me. I'm polite as can be. After about 58 seconds of introductions {I show him a pic of me and my husb so he doesn't get any ideas} he just starts straight talking. You know those people that can just have an entire conversation with you but you feel like you're just observing a conversation of one man with himself? Yeah...that's what thatta was. He immediately tells me that he used to play bass for New Kids on the Block and Mark is his best childhood friend. Then he points to the other guy {actually getting work done} and says "you know he makes 40 grand a month" {ok...}. Then whips out his phone and starts showing me all the trillions of pictures he has with celebrities. "this is me and Will Smith at lunch" and "this is me and Mark in the boxing ring he had built at his house" and "here's me with all the guys from know that one of the characters is based on me"...etcetcetc.

 'Psychowishyouwereyourfamousfriendsguy' say whaaat? Is this real life? Do people actually talk like this to other humans? If they realize they come off as female unmentionable cleansing products? {think about it...sorry..I can't help it}

This one-man act went on for 45 minutes. FORTY FIVE. Some of the stories were actually entertaining but most of it was just name dropping. The last 5 minutes he's telling me about his band and how they are about to make their first music video and the song might be played on Mark's next movie {hmmm} AND they need more people and he would love to have me and my husband be in the video. Hahahahahahaha!

After they left the head of dealer sales walks up to me with the big wad of hundo's that they paid with and says "Ok how much do I owe you for babysitting?" Hahahaha funny. But yeah..seriously...can I get a couple of those. I deserve it.

I'm planning and prepping on what to do if they show up again. I'm thinking I may have gotten into a boating accident and lost my hearing...?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me Clothes

My 30. More clothes and shoes in the back there.
Welp....I have found the February lull. I mean...I'm still havin a joyous time. This weekend was spent seeing the Vow, shopping, making VDay plans, homemade face masks with my sis, and baking and watching the Grammys tonight. But I've become bored of my regular after-work happenings. So I'm starting my 30 for 30 challenge. 30 outifts made out of 30 items. I'm looking forward to not being ugly everyday due to needing to take a pic after work. The best kind of getting ready motivation. I'm postin my first outfit tomorrow. Lemme know if anyone else has looks for me to follow. I love it. Thank you please. Happy Week.

Friday, February 10, 2012


{my studly guys}

At the start of the year I told these two young bloods that they were getting new nicknames. I have about 10 mill for each of them but they are worn out and need a lunch break{even though 'Babe' will never go out of style}. So I put the idea in my brain and decided on calling them whatever comes out first. Which resulted in 'Guinea Pig' for Chris and 'Jungle Cat' for Hoosh. Hahahahaha. 

Chris served a mission in Peru. The people there fed him/ate Guinea Pig meat. GUINEA PIGS. He ate them. ew. He even had to prepare them himself sometimes ...if you know what I mean. If you don't then I'm not telling you because it will make me barf. But what are ya gonna do...he's in the Jungles of Peru and the natives hand him a guinea pig. He can't exactly politely decline and run to the Chick-Fil-A drive thru. And at the time of the name giving my mind was only focusing on his mission food for some reason. So it was either Guinea Pig or Old River Potato. So he can thank his lucky stars on that one. 

When Hooshie gets his hairs cut...his long legs appear and he looks a lil like a cat from behind.  And I think my mind may have not been able to separate itself from the whole Peru Jungle thing. Hence Jungle Cat. I mean....the heart wants what it wants. 

GP and JC love their new names {they hate them}.And Chris decided my new nickname will be 'Pinto Bean'. So now we're all happy{weird?} new-namesonians together.

...hey, it's better than poop face... :)

{Oh hello hat hair. It's nice to see you. You look great}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not smooth

That girl last night. On Bachelor. Jamie. Poor, "quiet", innocent, AWKWARD Jamie. Why? WHY? I can't....I mean...................................

I'm almost speechless. Almost. I am a large percentage sure that that scene {Jamie deciding she needs to "show" Ben she likes him} last night takes the cupcake on the tip top most awkward, uneasy and cringe-earning moments I've ever witnessed on a tele show.

I, honest to Ceelo, can't tell which is worse....the sudden "Imgettingonyourlapwhetheryoulikeitornot" straddling in a short skirt, the never-ending TALKING about "what I was gonna do" while actually attmepting to do everything she is saying, or the trying to teach Bach Ben how to kiss {and sounding like she was fresh off reading a seventeen mag how-to on the subject}. Oy vey. That was painful. I felt like I needed to cry for her...or shove a bunch of chocolate-coved rice krispie treats in my mouth to end it somehow...I don't know what that means...I just didn't know what to do. point was awkward.

Hahahahahahaha..I secretly loved it. I was cracking up during the first half. And the second half I joined Chris and Kiz in staring at the wreck with my jaw on the rug. And I feel bad/embare for her...the 'sexy' thing doesn't come naturally to all. And sadly...she shared her "no-game" moves with millions....

She was sent kickin chickens. gone. 3 people left this week and none of them were our brill picks. Hoorah!

{Why is the video I had right here suddenly "unavailable"?}

Bless her awkward heart.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puppy Chow

Hoosh Sport Hayes. Before his haircut.
Just made this out of a popcorn tin...for H's food. nbd.
My poor little poopsie. He has allergies. I sent him to the vet with his father. But he just came back with zero answers and a $20 bottle of dog ear cleaner {wtheck? haha}. But the lil man is rubbing his face like a craze and getting lil allergy bumps... and google tells me his symptoms are allergies. And apparently I need to trust google more than the vet. Because google is a billionaire and the vet is an idiot. So this weekend I went to PetSmart and prutty much spent my entire Friday night carefully reading each and every nutrition label of all the different brands of food on 4 {yes, FOUR} aisles of various dog foods. worth it. We walked out with some pretty penny pricey organic "goodforyourtummyandskin" food. Plus the spoiled rotten Hoo also got the deluxe package at the pet salon on Saturday. Anything for that yittle poop faced sweet butt.

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's 3:14 on Friday. I'm at work...but I can't work. Who can on a Friday? Who can during the last hour and 46 mins of work before the weekend? All I seem to be able to do is drool. Drool alllllllllll over my Spring Style Pinterest Pinboard of inspiration and perfection. More specifically.......this exact {to the T} outfit that I will be wearing every single day for the next 6 months. Except at work...and church... and any time I'm outside in 115 degree weather {i'll be wearin nothing in that situation}....
this is not me. it's a pinterest pin. fooled ya ;)

It looks so comft & I love wedges. I have so many outfits in my head for spring. So many pictures I want to take. Wish I was posting some 30 for 30 pictures right now. But I can't bring myself to do it. Because I'm heavily medicated. And said medication makes me a moody porcupine.

At least I have fun peeps comin into town tonight. G'day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Show I Love to Hate

dull-dud Ben Flackineckiplecki {or something of the sort}
I hate Ben the Bachelor. Yes hate. Not in the same way I hate panda express workers when they jip me on my orange chicken. Because I legitimately really hate that. But in the way that I just think he has no place being the Bach of the year. He's excruciatingly boring and has no personality. {and no...skinny dipping with the fug model skank does not make you means you had to do something for the cameras...and also that you couldn't handle model peer pressure.} We swore we would nottt watch this season when we found out it was Ben. But what did we do? WHAT DID WE DO? We straight up flipped it on and saw 5 seconds of it...which we all know means that then you are doomed to watch for life. Ahhh ABC you know how to suck me into reality bliss/misery......despite your "most dramatic season ever" lies.

We make picks every season.  Picks as in we pick who we think is gonna win. Official picks as in...someone has to sports picks. Picks as in...we actually have a Bachelor Picks DRAFT. Hahahahahahah! {well i think its funny} & I'm not kidding. Chris set up the draft {obvi} and read up on all of the girl's "stats" to make sure he would choose the winner. So on Monday nights my sis KizKat, Chris and I all watch together..and after the second episode {once we've gotten to see all the girls in action. obvi} we have a draft...and we get two picks each.We're cool...i know. Winner gets their fave dinner and dessert prepared by the other two.

I happen to be the Bach/ Bach-ette master of life. I always win. I have a brilliant proven theory...and I can usually tell within two episodes who the final two will be. Then the winner comes down to the bach's character. This is serious business kids. And I hate that we love it...but what can ya do?

Our embarrassing & very OFFICIAL Picks:

                                                               MY {winning} Picks
Lindzi - Nicki
                                                                  Kimmie's Safe Picks
Kaci B. - Jennifer

                                                                   Chris' Freaky Pics
                            Emily - Crazy A Courtney {ew}