Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color Blocks

I am an Extraterrestrial. Boo!
Yesterday was a holiday. The best kind of holiday because it's the kind that lets me get the day off work! I planned the best doo-da day for my monday. Took the doggies for a walk, met C for lunch, got tons of things crossed off my to-do list and spent the rest of the time shopping with the Sist! Yee yes please.

We had just come off a fresh & successful trip to TJ Maxx Homegoods...and we were making our way to Supe Targ {obvi}...when a young metal-lipped energy drinkin hooligan put a wrench in our plans. He hit us. Rear ended my precious alabaster auto, Mystique. It was scary and I had no where to pull over and I went into shock for a little minute. But it was all good. No injuries and no signs of wreckage on the cars. Surprising...by how hard the hit felt. Coulda sworn a rolling boulder had found it's way into my lane. But it was just a ghetto mustang with a noodles for brains driver...probably texting like they do.

So we went ahead and continued on with our shop spree. Along with the things on my buy list I just had to add some white chocolate M&Ms and an adorb white decorative rabbit....to calm my pain and suffering from the rear ending.

We ended the day with chicken tacos topped with HOMEMADE Chick-fil-a sauce.!! SO scrumptious. Thank you presidents...I like your day. 

PS. Final 3 on Bachelor.  2 are my picks and 1 is Chris'. Pressure is on.


  1. you look too pretty in that shirt! I love it. Glad you had a good day off, but such a bummer about your accident. I got in my first car accident about a week ago, they are no fun at all.
    I am your newest follower and adore your blog already! I would love if you checked out my blog and followed if you like it :)

  2. ahh you're really pretty! <3 sounds like a lovely holiday, wish it was still going on though!


    1. Thank you!! And AGREED. I'm ready for another day off already :)

  3. Ok. we need to switch closets asap. I'm sure you're ok with that.

  4. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! I saw that the other day....shouldda bought it!


  5. You are really adorable!! Would you follow eachother?

    Your newest follower, Sarah


  6. The back is soooo cute!



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