Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump AND Leap Day Diddies

{one} Last night on the way home from a successful Costco trip {mmm dark choco. covered Acai berries} I saw a shooting star. At first I thought it was the beginning stages of a plane falling from the star-filled sky. But then it just vanished into vapor. I tried to point it out for Chris to see it but the time had passed. His reaction: Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Where is it? I can’t see it!! Oh maaaaaan. I missed it {lower lip pops out}. Hahahaha! I didn’t know it was the biggest deal ever…you would’ve thought I had just witnessed the balloon boy flying overhead {remember him?}. No worries…it was made better when I let him use up the one wish I earned for spoting it. That mug-of-a-wish better come true.

{two} We painted the dining portion of our kitchen blue. A navy blue…if ya will. It is striking and glorious. And I have some splendid before and after pictures to post later this week. Gotta get some curtains up there first. Who doesn’t love a nice before and after sesh? Every time I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition my tear ducts almost can’t handle the suspense built from the before. Ha.

{three} I found the world’s dumbest human! Hooray! I’ve been looking for you…you little bugger. Well I don’t know precisely who this dense person is, BUT I am 100% positive that it is the person who planned my little sister's high school graduation. Her graduation…into adulthood... is on a Tuesday. wt-heck? Did I mention she lives in another state and we all have to travel to be there? As do many other relatives of other graduates that want to be at the momentous event. So…let’s make it no where close to a weekend so people have to miss work and only get to come into town for one day. Bright idea dumbest person in the world. Bright.

{four} The Bachelor. Yee! Chris and I are in the “theyaren’tgoingtostaytogetheranyway’ finals. I obvi want my pick ,Lindzi, to win. But to be honest…I think Lindzi is way too cute and has way too much personality for Ben. He and Courtney kind of belong together…to live in rudeness and awkwardness. Can’t wait for the “women tell all” episode.

{five} For date night this past weekend we wanted to go to Olive Garden. Breadsticks-heaven-in-my-mouth. So we dressed "date nice" and went on over. But there was an hour wait so we weighed all of our restaurant options…and then opted to dine-in at Chick-fil-a instead. Ha! There's just no fighting it...that's who we really are. We like what we like and we like it.

Happy Leap Day! A whole extra day to flit and frolic and cheat on our diets :)


  1. Oh, I just love when you find that dumbest person in the world. It is such a great feeling, isn't it!

  2. Gorgeous skirt! I am also a big fan of costco!

  3. I love date nights that turn into fast food runs the most!
    happy leap day :)

  4. Gorgeous skirt! and shirt! ahhh <3 Sarah


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