Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day Diddies. Once Again.

{one} I had to have my blood taken out of my arm yesterday. Now…If I ever hear the phrase “plump vein” again…I will pass out. I promise you. PLUMP. VEIN. What awful words to be paired togeth in this English language…

{two} Starting in the glorious month of March I have at least one trip planned every month until August. Wowza! I feel like…perhaphs… this might call for some cute new luggage?

{three} Yesterday my coworker straight told me I’m “one of the weirdest girls he’s ever met”.  This compliment came about after a discussion on the food I like to eat and my biggest pet peeves. Hahaha. Accepted.

{four} After all those questionable years of watching what seemed like nothing but reality shows {was there anything else even on?}  I recently noticed that my current weekly DV-R list includes almost all {hilar} sit-coms. How I met your mother, Up All Night, Modern Family, Happy Endings... Although the couple of reality shows I do record should be considered comedy’s…because I just laugh and make fun of the peeps in them the whole time anyway. Ha.

{five} I daydreamingly just made plans for Chris and myself for after work today. They include a long walk with our doggie then weeding the front yard whilst sipping on some cranberry juice w/crushed ice. Thrilling I know. Yes, we are 95 years old. But right now…it sounds like heaven and I cannot wait.

Merry hump day!


  1. Ew, I never thought about it but those two words together do make me cringe lol In my opinion, anything that you do with the person you love is enjoyable :) So that sounds like heaven to me as well!


  2. You are ADORABLE! Love that red skirt so much! And I'm SO jealous that it is warm enough in Arizona to weed and sit in the front yard with a cold beverage! I'm SOOOO over Winter in freezing Utah, and ready for Spring!!

    Thanks for the comment! So glad you found my blog so I could find yours!!

    1. Thank you! And ohhh I've been there with the freezing winters because we used to live in ID. Ah. Spring is almost can make it! haha! Glad we're blog friends now :)

  3. 1: I went to get my blood taken out and i had the opposite of plump veins... so i must ask, how do you plump those guys up?!
    2: You're starting to sound like me and brecks with all the gloriouses goin' around in here
    3: you are a strange person
    4: I love this outfit!!


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