Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day Diddies

      {one} This shirt. I larve(♥) it! It will def be making an appearance in many forms during my 30 for 30 but I decided to first wear it in the most natural of forms. Simple and manly. That paired with the hat...I kinda feel like a mix of a pirate wench and a polka dot peter pan. I can't explain...I just like it.

    {two} I hit myself right in the forehead with my blow dry apparatus this morning. I felt smart. And I have a pretty red mark to show for it. 

    {three} My lil sister-in-law got engaged last night! VERY excited for the adorb-hilar-fun-lovie couple that we love so much....and for a Summer San Diego wedding. Naturally, i'm into the engagement/wedding details and Chris is into the transition of changing his college football team fanship...since our soon to be bro-in-law plays for's necessary.

{four} The other night in the grocery store, my sister and I picked up some Grands flaky rolls. You know, the kind in the tube that you have to peel and then hit against the counter to pop open and scare yourself half to pee. Well these particular flaky buggars didn't want to wait for that kitch counter. They decided to just up and explode open while on the check out belt. Shot straight up into the air with a loud pop. Causing everyone in the area to fake a duck and cover {maybe just me?}. The teen bagger thought it was the "tightest" thing he had every witnessed. Haha. Grocery store hilarity.

{five}  I'm in a sugar coma. And it's hump day. Both make me very treepy. Crunching sonic ice and taking a lil slumber is the only cure. Seems i've just made my lunch plans :)


  1. cute outfits! i love that shirt! you should post where you purchase all of your wardrobe goodness! those rolls in the tube having me almost peeing my pants every time.

  2. You are just to cute for words!

  3. Adorable! Love that top and those awesome wedges :)

  4. Love this with your hair pulled back! It's so simple, but chic!

    xx, S.

  5. OMG! LOVE the polka dot blouse so very much!! And I love your wedges, I'm pretty much obsessed with wedges!


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