Friday, February 17, 2012

love love love love love love love love

That up there is pretty much what our dia de lovefest looked like. A pink explosion of all kinds of jubilant sorts. Thoughtful gifts from some of our loved ones {yes, those are girl scout cookies!}, our annual VDay themed package from my MIL {below} and an extreme overload of sugar all up in our faces. Chris sent me flowers & chocolates at work, {K, C & I} doorbell ditched our neighbors with brownie bottom cupcakes and at night we went out on the town for a sizzlin’ vday date. 

Not pictured: Guinea {haha} and I went to a cute lil Italian restaurant called Tutti Santi for din and then stayed true to our tradition of searching for the best milkshake ever {by trying a new place each VDay} and got the Cookies 'n Cream shake from Udder Delights. 2 lovers…1 straw.  We exchanged sweet/awesome gifts and belted out “I’ll Be” on our perfectly short car ride home. Awwww…cheese heads. I do love that guy more than anything. And  i was a happy Valentine :)

The traditional 'package pic'. I swear they get better and better....

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