Thursday, February 16, 2012

Many many pictures of my face...

I'm only on day 4 of my outfit adventure and I am already getting sick of looking at myself. Maybe I should be posting pictures of my husb because he is obvi a sight for sore eyes any day of the bloomin week. I love my slouchy, loose flap-butt pocket jeans. I got these mugs for $10.80 at Kohls! And I had $10 Kohls they were practically free as bees. I love that place. We go there to shop amongst all the elderly couples and browse the Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang racks. You can't lose really.

This week has been a really really great gift week. Really. Gifts flying around all over the place. Even after all the Valentine's Day thoughtfuls {mental note:still need to post about that for mems} my mombo just shows up at my house with four amaze new shirts! just because. She definitely knows my love languages. It's like she likes me or something. Two of those shirts popped in & replaced two others in my 30. So....we'll be seeing ya soon new toppies!

C'mmoooooooon Friday. hurry up. plz.


  1. the name 'vera wang' just makes me laugh ;)

    1. Hahaha yes! Love that you pointed that out. Wang. haha

  2. Cheers for your comment, Melissa. I know look forward to following you as well. Adore the purple shirt.

  3. I love your outfit :) It is so adorable!

  4. oh you are so cute!
    I love your outfit!

  5. 30 for 30 challenge would be tough! im currently wearing my boyfriends flannel, (no not the style but his dirty one) and jeans with holes in them. i don't think i could do it! you work it girl!!!


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