Monday, February 13, 2012

New Kids & Marky Mark

Here is my outfit. I feel like it's the first day of school and judging by my face...I am not muy thrilled about it. Yep...sounds about right :)

So last Friday Mark Wahlburg's 2 assistants came to my company's office. They had a meeting with our dealer sales to set up an account for window coverings for his production company etcetcetc. So one of them was a 2legit 'letsgetthisstuffdone' type of assistant and the other was the questionable type that celebrities have in their posse their weird friend...or keep them entertained. idk. He goes by psycho...let's just say that.

So I didn't know they were there or who they were or whatev. But I get back from lunch and Psycho walks up to my desk to start a nice lil convo with me. I'm polite as can be. After about 58 seconds of introductions {I show him a pic of me and my husb so he doesn't get any ideas} he just starts straight talking. You know those people that can just have an entire conversation with you but you feel like you're just observing a conversation of one man with himself? Yeah...that's what thatta was. He immediately tells me that he used to play bass for New Kids on the Block and Mark is his best childhood friend. Then he points to the other guy {actually getting work done} and says "you know he makes 40 grand a month" {ok...}. Then whips out his phone and starts showing me all the trillions of pictures he has with celebrities. "this is me and Will Smith at lunch" and "this is me and Mark in the boxing ring he had built at his house" and "here's me with all the guys from know that one of the characters is based on me"...etcetcetc.

 'Psychowishyouwereyourfamousfriendsguy' say whaaat? Is this real life? Do people actually talk like this to other humans? If they realize they come off as female unmentionable cleansing products? {think about it...sorry..I can't help it}

This one-man act went on for 45 minutes. FORTY FIVE. Some of the stories were actually entertaining but most of it was just name dropping. The last 5 minutes he's telling me about his band and how they are about to make their first music video and the song might be played on Mark's next movie {hmmm} AND they need more people and he would love to have me and my husband be in the video. Hahahahahahaha!

After they left the head of dealer sales walks up to me with the big wad of hundo's that they paid with and says "Ok how much do I owe you for babysitting?" Hahahaha funny. But yeah..seriously...can I get a couple of those. I deserve it.

I'm planning and prepping on what to do if they show up again. I'm thinking I may have gotten into a boating accident and lost my hearing...?


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  2. Female unmentionable cleaning product.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. cute look!


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