Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not smooth

That girl last night. On Bachelor. Jamie. Poor, "quiet", innocent, AWKWARD Jamie. Why? WHY? I can't....I mean...................................

I'm almost speechless. Almost. I am a large percentage sure that that scene {Jamie deciding she needs to "show" Ben she likes him} last night takes the cupcake on the tip top most awkward, uneasy and cringe-earning moments I've ever witnessed on a tele show.

I, honest to Ceelo, can't tell which is worse....the sudden "Imgettingonyourlapwhetheryoulikeitornot" straddling in a short skirt, the never-ending TALKING about "what I was gonna do" while actually attmepting to do everything she is saying, or the trying to teach Bach Ben how to kiss {and sounding like she was fresh off reading a seventeen mag how-to on the subject}. Oy vey. That was painful. I felt like I needed to cry for her...or shove a bunch of chocolate-coved rice krispie treats in my mouth to end it somehow...I don't know what that means...I just didn't know what to do. point is...it was awkward.

Hahahahahahaha..I secretly loved it. I was cracking up during the first half. And the second half I joined Chris and Kiz in staring at the wreck with my jaw on the rug. And I feel bad/embare for her...the 'sexy' thing doesn't come naturally to all. And sadly...she shared her "no-game" moves with millions....

She was sent kickin chickens. gone. 3 people left this week and none of them were our brill picks. Hoorah!

{Why is the video I had right here suddenly "unavailable"?}

Bless her awkward heart.


  1. oh my, I was soooo embarrassed for Jamie. So. Awkward.

  2. hahahahahahahaa, I'm with you! I'm loving the awkward, embarrassing moments lately! It makes it so funny!


  3. So glad you found my blog because we will have to share thoughts on the Bachelor!! This post is my EXACT thoughts from last week's episode!! How embarassing was that? I had to keep shutting my eyes - and I literally say "oy vey" a couple times myself. Can't wait for tonight!

  4. goodness i agree.... it was just way too painful to watch... but i just couldnt look away!
    thanks for stopping by, im digging your thoughts as well;) AND your outfits, AND im quite jealous of your gorgeousness.
    i said it.
    have a lovely weekend!

    1. ahhh you're so kind! Thank you thank you! Glad we're new friends ;)


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