Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Show I Love to Hate

dull-dud Ben Flackineckiplecki {or something of the sort}
I hate Ben the Bachelor. Yes hate. Not in the same way I hate panda express workers when they jip me on my orange chicken. Because I legitimately really hate that. But in the way that I just think he has no place being the Bach of the year. He's excruciatingly boring and has no personality. {and no...skinny dipping with the fug model skank does not make you means you had to do something for the cameras...and also that you couldn't handle model peer pressure.} We swore we would nottt watch this season when we found out it was Ben. But what did we do? WHAT DID WE DO? We straight up flipped it on and saw 5 seconds of it...which we all know means that then you are doomed to watch for life. Ahhh ABC you know how to suck me into reality bliss/misery......despite your "most dramatic season ever" lies.

We make picks every season.  Picks as in we pick who we think is gonna win. Official picks as in...someone has to sports picks. Picks as in...we actually have a Bachelor Picks DRAFT. Hahahahahahah! {well i think its funny} & I'm not kidding. Chris set up the draft {obvi} and read up on all of the girl's "stats" to make sure he would choose the winner. So on Monday nights my sis KizKat, Chris and I all watch together..and after the second episode {once we've gotten to see all the girls in action. obvi} we have a draft...and we get two picks each.We're cool...i know. Winner gets their fave dinner and dessert prepared by the other two.

I happen to be the Bach/ Bach-ette master of life. I always win. I have a brilliant proven theory...and I can usually tell within two episodes who the final two will be. Then the winner comes down to the bach's character. This is serious business kids. And I hate that we love it...but what can ya do?

Our embarrassing & very OFFICIAL Picks:

                                                               MY {winning} Picks
Lindzi - Nicki
                                                                  Kimmie's Safe Picks
Kaci B. - Jennifer

                                                                   Chris' Freaky Pics
                            Emily - Crazy A Courtney {ew}


  1. If safe means SPOT ON ACCURATE... then yes yes, Kaci B is the schiz!

  2. I read the bloopers because I can't stand this season at all. And after reading it, I hated this season EVER MORE!

  3. hahah i love your blog! and did you know Courtney is from AZ? makes her just as disturbing. I hate Ben as well. But at least Emily will be bachette??

  4. Courtnrts dumb ass is going to win. I just know it. Arghhh but so thrilled for emily maynard next season!! Eeeee

  5. Courtney. I can't type apparently!!!


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