Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'Twas extremely windy yesterday. 'Twas all up in my hair and my eyes and my clothes and my necklace & what not. So naturally the 
'stay put' features of the bun appealed to me. 

But Bun Bun did not complete her job duties. Exhibit A in that bottom picture down there. Haha! That piece stickin straight out to the left. Just awesome and ridiculous. 

I don’t feel funny today. I don’t think I’ve even laughed yet {aside from that Haha I typed up there} and it’s already 8:47. Which is not norm for me. I have a lot of thoughts in my brain. Far too many to actually be any kind of productive. I’m known to be able to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling for hours if I have enough on my mind. Of course, my husb and doggie never allow me to do that with their apparent allergic reaction to boredom…{which I def appreciate}

My brother and I have that thinking thing in common. He’s 21 and a total car racing, adrenaline junkie, music addict. But he’s also the deepest thinker I’ve ever known in life. My Dad used to have a 6 foot salt water fish tank filled with all kinds of crazy sea life. And at any given time during the day you could bet on finding Scottee sitting on a chair he pulled up from the kitchen, directly in front of the tank, just staring at the fish tank happenings and thinking. In silence. About who knows what. {ha! ok that image made me laugh...}

I miss Scottee. And I don’t know where he is. And I miss him. 

{I refuse to believe this was two years ago.}


  1. I love your bun! I cannot wait for my hair to get long enough to pull off the bun! I'm sorry that you are missing your brother and don't know where he is :( Hopefully you can get in touch with him soon...

  2. i am such a fan of the messy bun to top off an outfit! love the whole look. you look lovely!

  3. Lol! I wrote about my bun just yesterday! Love it!



  4. a couple more things 1) i'm so glad you love the zoo 2) where did you get married in portland?! there are a lot of gorgeous places to do so but i think my heart is set on san francisco 3) no, my yorkie does not bark all the time (thanks to all the treats it took to train him not to!)

    (i wanted to recomment on this but i didn't know if you'd see it back on my blog!)

  5. I LOVE this look! Casual Chic!

  6. Such a cute look, I can't wait till my hair is long again so I can rock that hairdo!

  7. you made me cry! i love the scottee-in-front-of-the-fish-tank!!! and all our trips to pet stores for ideas :) oh that boy i miss him so


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