Friday, March 16, 2012

The 30th item.

Let’s talk about these photos. We were heading into Chili’s for a celebratory dinner when we realized we had to snap some outfit pics since it would be much too dark upon our exit. Plus my tummy would be sticking out from fullage. Hence the inappropriate ‘in-yo-face’ lighting and ugly stranger's cars background.

So…this shirt. This properly pink my 30th item. Now the remixing is really on. Before it was just kind of on…with options. I am starting to miss the other items in my closet. I long to take some photos in my new blue skirt or my snazzy silver pumps. But I have something to prove to myself… so I will reach the 30 for 30. Mark my words down please dear Watson!

Side note: It has come to my attention that I {maybe-purposefully} forgot to give credit where fudging credit is due. And that is right on my husband’s winning rump. Chris won our Bachelor competition. Congrats Guinea. There I said it. I don’t love losing. But I guess picking Courtney, the evil groundhog faced witch, paid off. Because now Kimmie and I have to make him whatever dinner and dessert he dang well pleases. Never fear…i'll get him back when the Bach-ette starts in May. Muahaha..


  1. Cute blog, but I was mislead by your fb post to think that you might be mentioning your memorable basketball career..... you know, you used the only basketball words that your coach knew - "post up, post up!"

  2. Really classic ensemble. I am Loving the nude flats!


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