Thursday, March 15, 2012

Banana Hammock

 I was chatting with a small group of my co-works and we were talking about how much it costs to get your name changed. No reason. We then started throwing around ideas of what we would change our names to if we were idiot enough to do it. Everyone was saying stupid, unfunny things like “Ben Dover” and “Abe Ozo”. So obviously I blurt out….

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! Hahahahaha!!!


I’m chuckling at myself..then notice that awkward kind of stir in the group like “what is this girl smoking {and how do I get some}”. So I feel the need to rebound and say,

“Or I could go with Crap Bag! First name Crap last name Bag.” Hahahahaha!

…Chirp chirp….No one?!  NO ONE knows what it’s from!?!?! Jiminy Christmas. Do we live in America?
I know that not everyone lives in my little world of what I like….but please tell me that someone knew what that was from before I told you. Geeze. I can’t be the only person who ever watched FRIENDS!! The best show ever was on for 10 years. And that scene is just ‘spit on your neck’ hilar.

I have a feeling I’m not going to be invited to water cooler conversation anymore…

P.S. Ironically, JUST NOW as I am typing this story…I asked a dude if he filled out his bracket for March Madness {we’re having an office competition} and he said “what’s that?”. And after several other in-disbelief questions I find that he has no idea what March Madness or even what your run-of-the-mill BRACKET is. 

C'mon gents...this is kind of a nationwide event. So I KNOW I’m not crazy in thinking that you don’t have to be married to a Sports Addict to have at least heard of it. Or am I crazy and obsessed with the world in my head?

I feel like I might be speaking a foreign language today.
At least I got some good laughs. A-haha!


  1. Hahaha! I knew it M&M! Friends is my FAV! Could your co-workers BE any more clueless??? Hahaha! I was at my mom's the other day, and Tyler was running circles through the house at top speed in socks....trying to avoid head trauma, as he was running by me I said "Tyler, can you please stop running", which he completely ignored, and even kicked his speed up a, I put my finger on my chin and said "hmmm, should I use my powers of invisibility to fight crime or for evil"...everyone is looking at me blankly, except my mom...we both know every friends episode! :) We both thought it was hilarity at its finest! :)

    1. Hahahahahaha one of my favorite lines! You can relate any situation to FRIENDS.

  2. omg that episode was on the other day!!!! if you would have said it around my friends they would have DIED laughing!!!!!

    on another the outfit!!!

    xo Jackie

  3. Excuse me?! Who just doesn't watch Friends, there is seriously a Friends episode for every situation in life. And second, how could a man not know what March madness is, isn't that breaking some sort of Man code or something? I don't feel good about that.

    1. Agreed. I knew you would feel me on that one.

  4. love that episode!!!!
    my boyfriend actually hates friends.
    so to annoy him more, i always quote it.
    and when he asks where's that quote from?
    i tell him "greatest show ever".

    xx jes

    1. HAHAHA that is amazing. But is the greatest show ever. No question.

  5. LOL! When I saw the title of your post I thought of Friends. Fabulous jacket!

  6. I love this look!


  7. Yup, that would happen to me too. My nights are filled with Friends reruns on Nick. That's sad that Friends is not relevant these days!

  8. I can't even count how many times that happens to me everyday with friends quote. It's the only show i watch so obviously every conversation i have has friends quotes inerspursed (don't know if that's a word or how to spell it) throughout it. But on another but technically the same note, I was wearing my "My FRIENDS are my lobster" shirt today and a random kid came up to me and said "He's your lobster!!" while doing the lobster claw holding! It made my day!


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