Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Diddies!

{one} Not TGIF yet. But today I can say ‘T.G.I.H.A.H.A.T.B.D.’. Which obviously stands for ‘Thank Gouda I Have a Hair Appointment Today… Because Dang’. Honestly….those woodland-creature's-bushy-tail colored roots ruined every last one of my outfit pictures for today. Yeesh. 

{two} Whilst waiting in the theatre for Hunger Games to start this past weekend I was leisurely checking Bookface when I noticed a status update that said something to the effect of  “If you aren’t a 12 year old girl then  you should not be so excited to see the Hunger Games”. To which I would like to reply, “If you are a complete dip-shin that has not read the books or even know what the story is about then don’t talk out of your rump and assume that it’s a teenie bopper movie…..when it’s actually a very brilliant and suspenseful movie about humans killing each other to stay alive…. and really prob isn’t even appropriate for 12 year old girls”. Unfriend. Don’t insult me when I’m PMSing. Or ever. 

Also, Hunger Games was fantastic and perfect. :)

{three} My husb bought me a garbage can for my birthday. What a peach. sounds bad but it is actually something that I really wanted…but decided I would never spend so much money on something that holds my moldy trash. I told him months ago and then totally forgot about it. And he completely surprised me. Came walking out with a gigantic box wrapped in Christmas paper. And getting it as a gift totally justifies spending money on a trash can. I love that beautiful steel sensored mouth trap can. His name is Oscar. 

{four} Last night we rescued a smelly, dirty, bloody, adorable, sweet doggie in distress on the side of the road. His fur was all rubbed off in the spot where he had a huge bloody cut. It was heartbreaking.  He gobbled down the food we gave him and Kimmie skillfully lured him into the kennel we ran home to grab and we took him to the Emergency Vet. Now I’m on a mission to make sure Winston {our name for him} doesn’t get put to sleep when they transfer him to the HS. 

{five} I just love how everyone at my work knows that I am unreasonably obsessed with Take 5 candy bars. Every time they’re put out in our lobby…3 or 4 are randomly placed on my desk from passerbyers throughout the day. 



  1. Oh Winston... Im so worried about the poor pup... what a sweet, sad boy he was.

  2. come pick out my clothes and be my stylist, please!

  3. OOOO I like your blog. Totally was PMSing this week and I would have snapped back too about Hunger Games. I am sensitive about those books, too. I was freaking out about all the trailers before the movie, I couldn't wait any long for the movie!!!


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