Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I might just brag a little bit...

This is the man I love.  And I am so proud to call this attractive stud muff of a guy my husband.

Chris started a new job a couple of weeks ago. He had grown out of his old job and was lucky enough to find a shiny new ‘exactlywhathewaslookingfor’ one. He is absolutely loving it. And I am loving that. {And bonus: now we get to meet up for lunch every Friday since our offices aren’t too far away and I get to buy him a stylish new briefcase!} AND yesterday he was asked to interview for a promotion of sorts within his company. After 2 weeks. Because he’s just that great. 

Every day when we get home from the workplaces, we greet each other with a lovie, then I go in to freshen up for my outfit pic while he immediately changes into comfies {hence the comfs above}. He grabs the camera, I grab my lip gloss and we head out to snap some pick-chas. Isn’t that nice of the young chap?

Sometimes I like to turn the cam around on him when we’re walking back to the car and he suddenly gets all tough for the pict {above. again}. I’ve got some goodie material of both of us to do a blooper post one of these here days.

I sure do know how to pick husbands. He's the best one there is. Shouldn't everyone think their own signif other is the best one there is? I'm so glad I genuinely believe that about mine. Mushy mush. I have a million and ten hilar stories about this one to tell. But every once and again I feel the need to spotlight some of his other glowing good points. Well deserved. He is the best. The end.


  1. You are so lucky that your cute hubs will take pictures for you everyday! My hubby hates taking pictures AND being in pictures - HA! Congrats to him and his new job!

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!


  3. ahahaha this post is so cute!! so happy for you! xxxx


  4. seriously one of the best guys I've ever known... he deserves to be recognized, so proud of him!


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