Sunday, March 18, 2012

I really like weekends. Like, really.

I'm thinking that we'll make this type of 'human battery recharge weekend' a regular thing. I am just feeling burnt out as of late. Of work. Of to-do lists. Pretty much just adult life in gen. So this weekend we went out to Tucson and met up with some of my fam that was staying at a resort for the weekend. It was lovely and just what the ol' doc ordered. Plus I got this really cool hair style that's kind of a 'wind-blown from walking around the art festival with some hot tub water sprinkled on top' kind of do. Really attractive. 

Tonight starts my birthday celebration with Birthday Dinner at Mom's. I hope there's something there that's very scrumptiously sugary. Because the 4 hand fulls of peanut butter M&Ms during our card games last night and the large glass of chocolate milk I am currently drinking just doesn't seem to be filling my weekend sugar quota. That's a thing...and an important one to boot! Fingers crossed ;)  


  1. Yay for birthday celebrationssss! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I hope you get lots of sugary goodness :]

  2. Glad you found my blog, I love yours :) you have great style, I'm now a new follower :D


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