Monday, March 12, 2012


I've got an awesome post in the making about my weekend with my bess fren. But it's Monday and right now I have to work…. and shed a drip drop tear due to the side effects of the Mondays. are the worst. I do not want to be at work. I want to be in my husband and dog filled bed, watching the rest of SNL and eating something that resembles candy more than breakfast…like Reeses Puffs perhaps. But instead I am at my desk…with chapped lips…working on my unusually full inbox built up from the Friday I was absent. Not cool Monday. 

At least I can set my {limited} energy towards looking up unique, delish “as seen on tv” places to eat in Tucson this weekend. That’s something. Oh AND the finale of BACHELOR is tonight. Ok…I feel better. Fingers crossed for Lindzi…..even though she’s much too good for him. 

Here’s to hoping that they show more of the wedding rings and pretty dresses than showing Ben’s face making “the most difficult and dramatic decision yet”! :)


  1. love the red and purple combo. 100% jealous of your sunny pics. and DUMB COURTNEY is totally going to win. arghhhh. ben is a total d-bag anyway.

  2. mondays really are the worst.
    and so are chapped lips!!!!

    love your outfit. like a whole lot.
    xx jes


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