Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Once upon a young time in the far away and gigantic land of Texas....I knew of a girl at my elementary school that was silly and had a short, straight across haircut and big glasses. And...let's be honest…I looked exactly like her. Her name was Alyson. And everyone loved her.

In sixth grade…we started hanging out. And from there we became the best of friends. Straight on through all those beautifully awkward middle school and high school years. From glasses to contacts to braces to boobs {she got them...not me. haha}. We grew up together. So many fun times and too many inside jokes and memories to even begin to fathom.

{14 year olds going to the dance together. With our Martha Washington hair-dos.}
 Junior year my family moved to Washington. That was stupid and I was not happy. I missed my friends but everyone told me that you don't stay friends with your high school friends really anyway. But three years later...after my first year of college… I moved back to TX and Aly and I got an apartment together and had the best time possible for anyone to have in life. Really. We worked at A&F together {if you can call it working…} and we got a doggie together…and we traveled together and we made new friends together and we were in-sep-a-ra-ble.

{dancing in a bathroom. sounds about right}
Then pointless college got in the way...and I had to move away again. And from then on we’ve only seen each other one trip here and one trip there.... 

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to make friends that stay friends….friends that just get us…friends that we might not see for years but when you get together again you just pick up right where you left off. She’s one of those. 17 years of history. Alyson is my BFF…or as we like to say... BFIH. 

And she came to visit me last weekend and we had so much fun! Booya!
End tribute.


  1. I love you guys! and I love when Alyson comes to town cause its always a HIL ar IOUS time! Come back soon!

  2. I LOVE that!! But I hated missing it last weekend. I enjoyed all of JACKM and REALLY love the survivors!


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