Monday, March 5, 2012


This is my simpleton outfit. Jeans and a lacy top. And my solo accessory is a pink lip or two. With some bright white winter skin. Vampire skin...just the way I like it. Feels good. calm month of Feb is over. And it is now my birthday month of March. The best month in all the year! What’s that? I’m not six anymore and I don’t get a Minnie Mouse themed party? No Barbie doll ball gown cake? I don’t get to check the mail my whole birthday week in anticipation of a card with a $5 bill inside?  Dung. Psssh..adulthood.

Looks like we have two weeks to plan something fit for a mid-twenty-ite but still as celebratory as ever.
Alyson comes to town in 3 days. And we share a birthday week. So…obviously…the celebration starts there. Can’t wait. Yee haw!


  1. I hope you have a Fabulous Birthday! Love this look! Sometimes the simplest looks are the most Chic!

    1. You're so nice. Thank you! My birthday isn't until the 20th but why not celebrate all month?! :)

  2. omg those jeans are perfect!!! I'm such a sucker for the perfect pair of flare jeans and these look amazing!!!

    This outfit is adorable & you're right sometimes all you need is a pink lip!

    xo Jackie

    1. Thanks!! Yeah I had to get them taken out at the bottom because with jeans like that they HAVE to be super super long. I love them now :)


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